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I Think It's Odd

I know almost nothing about the internal mechanisms of politics, nor do I really want to. It’s a dirty little world as far as I can tell. 325 more words

Belief Systems

Audio Book: The Tao of Pooh ~ Benjamin Hoff

posted on YT because hosam hamed hates it?

*shaking head* :-)

Belief Systems

Familiars in Other Forms

For the most part, The Familiar does not actually discuss familiars in Volume I. We do know, though, that the cat is a familiar, but we don’t know yet what that means to MZD. 505 more words

U Tennessee

The Subversion of the Human-Animal Hierarchy in The Familiar and Disgrace

In Danielewski’s The Familiar and Coetze’s Disgrace, we see the subversion of the animal-human relationship play out through the experiences of central characters. Both David Lurie and Astair, whether they openly admit it or not, can be seen as perpetuating this sort of rigid order through their assumptions of what an animal is and is not. 632 more words

Book Design

What Did You Fail At Today?

I’ve been reading this great little book titled ‘The Best Place To Work’ by Ron Friedman. It’s a little self-helpy in tone but thankfully not enough to make me stop reading it. 182 more words


What you believe influences how you behave.

By: Elizabeth A. Minton, PhD

Religion and Marketing

Religion is one of those taboo topics that we’re not supposed to talk about in public, despite over 70% of the world adhering to some kind of religious belief. 864 more words


The Emperor’s New Clothes

Greetings Beloveds,

A continuation of musings in the same vein or theme as the previous blog, The Hidden Beloved.

The ordinary self is not good enough. 870 more words