Tags » Being

I want to swim with you

create majick and continuum with you

reach connect and loop with you

but all I know sinks me

leaving me at the bottom of the pool watching shades


I cannot be every wisp that calls

Every tendril that entangles

the slivers are breaking me open


threads releasing into the winds

to speak all that has not been spoken

calling me to hear


In my inner ticking

I am wholeness


Melting into


Brevity shape shifts

Into eternity

Scandal of time invites me in

To portals waiting calling my name

Shedding what has felt safe

I leave adornments of yesterday and seconds ago… 6 more words

I am my uncharted island

Parched by salty seas

Cracked by nomenclature

To is

Based remembering

Am I only base?

In these moments on the ground… 13 more words

Spilling into garden

Milk robes chuckle across floor

Free in the beingness of me

Vowed to whim of evolution

Surrender to what truly is

Feline eyes see between genesis… 26 more words

Exposing the most explicit part of me

I shudder as I spread my heart