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Return on Influence Part 2: Understanding Klout

As I stated in my previous blog post, this post is part of a short series about Mark Schaefer’s book the Return on Influence. I decided to split these two sections up because a) Mark Schaefer split his book into two parts and b) there was just so much information I wanted to share that it could not possibly fit in one blog post. 184 more words

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Review on the Return on Influence: Part 1 Influence

The Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing by Mark Schaefer provided me with a wonderful insight and understanding of influence and Klout scoring. 270 more words

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Around the Blogosphere March 2015

First, remember that big long read along on The Wheel of Time series that I kept posting about for just over 2 years? Yeah, that one. 195 more words


Jumping on the Bandwagon (aka: Trustworthiness and Culture)

My 13yo daughter is suspicious. “Sure you’re just a regular mom,” she said to me yesterday. “You run superfast. You know all this computer and networking stuff. 453 more words


A Review on The Tao of Twitter

Growing up in the social media age I always figured I knew everything I needed to know about the social media world. Now throughout my college career I have been introduced to many different aspects of social media through classroom work, internship experience and now a book by Mark Schaefer called “The Tao of Twitter.” Overall this book has provided me a wonderful insight into the complicated world of Twitter but there were a few things that I wish it could have gone into more depth on. 215 more words

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An Excuse to Search for "Group Project Gif"

How to explain my extended absence this time, readers? It’s not that I haven’t had time. That’s my usual excuse. I have had time. It’s thoughts I’ve been short on. 679 more words

Thoughts On Engineering


Normally during the Super Bowl we see advertisements for beer or food products. For the most part advertisements during the Super Bowl has been targeted towards men. 228 more words

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