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One day this week, I went to the basement to take care of the cat boxes. I had an empty plastic bag in my hand; it was rustling and I was doing my normal “sing my way through the house” thing. 379 more words


How clean is your heart?

Here there are again: the streaks of pink clouds that have adorned the evening sky each evening I have been here this week. I only need to turn my face slightly to catch them in the corner of my eye, through my office window. 966 more words

Being Present

We rise from the place of our falling

It’s easy to fall away, to separate ourselves from the path. Contrast. This is the way of life, the way of the human experience. We return again in time, in the time of our mindful awareness of having stepped away. 123 more words


How to Take that Vacation "Magic" Home Without a Souvenir

I’m a souvenir slut. I really am. If I look around my room right now as I’m writing this, there’s shit I’ve acquired from so many places lying around everywhere. 439 more words

Finding our place

Speaking with a friend recently, the question of us finding our place in the world came up. What started as a brief reference to the fact we are both living away from our countries of birth, quickly moved to a deeper level. 397 more words

Brian Groves

It's My Life, It's Your Life, So Let's Start Living It!

Its been almost a month since my last blog post and although I missed writing about the things that were happening in my life or even about a few new beauty discoveries that I made, I have to admit I am not sorry I that I have been MIA. 477 more words


The power of One Thing at a Time

I have a confession to make: Lately, I’ve been a chronic multi-tasker. I’ve been making phone calls while walking the dog; I’ve been listening to webinars while making dinner; I’ve been updating Quickbooks while listening to podcasts…the list goes on. 382 more words