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Something good happened

I know I went on a bit about Mothers Day and perhaps I went a bit far for some people, but if I can’t be honest here then there’s no point me even writing.   291 more words

Being Positive

Please And Thank You Are Still Magic Words

Up front I will concede that as a parent of young children, the battle to ingrain politeness is fairly constant. I push “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir”, though I know some people now think it isn’t important. 668 more words

Faith in What's to Come

They say they built the train tracks between the Alps and Venice before there was a train to use them.  They just knew that it would come… 322 more words

Life's Journey

Helping Others Day

On the island we have an actual day called Helping Others Day.  If  you spend the day volunteering or helping the elderly, etc. you can have the day off school.  185 more words


Weekend Wrap-up: write short stories, don't be a book snob, and more

Hoping everyone has had a pleasant week! I’ve realized I haven’t done a Weekend Wrap-up in a while, so I hurriedly dug stuff out of the Internet on a Friday lunch break…and it’s actually some of the most interesting links I’ve found. 308 more words


Be Positive On Monday Morning

Be Positive On Monday Morning

Try the following tips if Mondays are a bit of a challenge.

One; Believe a Positive Attitude is a Choice… 442 more words