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Reward Yourself

Imagine for a moment that you are a primitive hominid foraging in the wild, collecting edible fruits, berries, leaves. Always on the look out for danger, but right now the warm sun on your back is comforting, the wind in the trees is gently working with that warm sun to cause you to relax, to drop your guard. 291 more words

Stress Management And Life Coaching


When was the last time you took a good look at yourself through the eyes of another? When was the last time you evaluated the road your life has taken in the way a friend from your childhood who has walked a similar path to yours, or a sibling who has witnessed you grow would? 498 more words

Life Lessons

Surprise Yourself

Lester Burnham – American Beauty

If one of the main questions we ask ourselves in this life is: “Who Am I?”, then one of the next important questions should be, “And who else do I want to be?” … 382 more words

Distant Travels: Costa Rica

Upon traveling to Costa Rica and parts of South America I have learned to value those opportunities. Granted sipping tropical drinks in Costa Rica can’t get any better but its those moments that really make you appreciate other things. 196 more words


Compliment Yourself.

High School was not that fun for me. I got a lot of grief from a lot of girls, but I had a lot of “friends” as well.   860 more words

5 Ways To Be A Successful Muslim

1. Plan Your Day Around Your Salaah

You want to be successful in life, with your marriage, your kids, your businesses and other things you have planned in the future. 576 more words


Good things are happening

To all people: Start concentrating on GOOD things happening to you.. make a jar or write in the notebook, daily about good things which happens to you… people concentrate too much on bad things… BE POSITIVE instead… one year after writing those look at your jar and see it…Life will look much better..