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"Name's So Sweet a Word, Yet Poison to My Brain"

Your name’s so sweet a word
Yet poison to my brain.
It’s endless nights of knowing
That you’re waking up and going
On your new day without me. 274 more words


US Millennials Not Ready for the Job Market

Millennials Not Ready for the Job Market | Minding The Campus.

“A new study finds that Millennials, who will dominate the U.S. labor market for the next 50 years, may face another problem: They’re less prepared for today’s job market than many of their international peers, putting them (and the country) at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly global economy.” 20 more words


The word is out that the future is HUMAN, VERY human, so all the more reason to MASTER the ART of ENGLISH!

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I’m writing about this because it’s something I am a bit hot on at the moment. I have been doing a lot of research recently on the future of …well everything, and even though we seem to be becoming more and more technology driven, the latest research tells us in fact that we are becoming more and more… 159 more words


Light & Dark

There seems to be a theme running through my life at the minute.  The theme has appeared in my mind (small voice of God), appeared in my readings in AA/OA/Quaker literature; also found in quotes in daily readings and now, this morning, on the radio. 198 more words

Social Media Anonymus - Week 3

Quick update on my Social Media experiment. 3 weeks ago, I decided to stay away from Facebook to see what life looked like on the other side of the fence. 168 more words

Being Human

May Day At Fairy Hill

Still Celebrating!!

Be back soon,

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Fairy Queen

A critical eye

How often are we critical of our stories? I know I am more often than not. If it sounds right and is readable that is enough for me, though. 52 more words