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Meditating on Christ's Death

For my salvation, Lord, this is what you will…


The circle of thorns,

the only crown that we deigned to give you in our wickedness, 137 more words


How can I protect myself from that

how can I protect myself from that
is not the right question
This is a way of saying get up and get on with it… 289 more words

Being Human

This Post is Dedicated to TakingTheMaskOff.Com and Cortland Pfeffer, With Love

Read the English  Lyrics below first if you need to as this song is in Italian.

HUMAN BEINGS/ESSERI UMANI  or go to this link: https://youtu.be/U-4OrzSBfm8… 563 more words


Two Years Later

I always thought anniversaries were a little dumb.

I don’t mean celebrating wedding anniversaries or birthdays. And I don’t mean observing holidays or commemorating events of historical significance. 1,320 more words

Being Human

Death Spirals

Death Spirals | The Z Blog.

“Europeans, to their credit, have accepted the fact that the laws of supply and demand apply to health care, just as they do every other product and service. 106 more words


Open Letter From an Honest Mother Who Needs A Glass of Wine

This is a stranger’s letter.

This letter was sent to me (and Spammy) anonymously via the Open Letters Campaign. The author decides whether to remain anonymous, and can write an open letter to anyone. 745 more words

Being Human