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The Pee Problem

Because I’m sometimes unreliable and don’t always follow through with things, I am getting serious about my body for the third time since my divorce. 829 more words

Being Human

Truth in love

Once upon a time

They said they truly loved us

We see otherwise

Words and actions say so much

Illuminating the truth

Of their honest emotions

Daily Verse

Netanyahu's Bible Lesson From Queen Esther

Netanyahu’s Bible Lesson From Queen Esther – Suzanne Fields

“Esther was a woman who lived 500 years before Christ, a woman who the Bible says “found favor in all who looked upon her.” Her beauty so besotted the king of Persia — present-day Iran — that he married her. 59 more words


“… Time to save the world
Where in the world is all the time
So many things I still don’t know
So many times I’ve changed my mind…”

- Erykah Badu


One Of My Favorite Icons

I love this quote!  I know for a fact, that being happy is the best beauty regimen. I believe in all these things Audrey points out, I especially believe in miracles and that the color pink has magical qualities! :)

Fairy Queen

Just somethings we all do.

Just human things, we all do them (especially ladies).

Testing make up on our hands and start getting artistic.

Look in the mirror and pose. Or make funny faces. 663 more words