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You Never Know, It Might Ignite You

I’ve started something new. Something exciting and different. And I’ve learnt something from it. 

In this blog post I  described how I had a fresh start to 2015. 219 more words

Happy Creating

QuickRead: Replace Happiness With Excitement

We all know that the common denominator for our life goals is to secure some form of happiness. This is what we know, this is what we’ve been taught to achieve. 312 more words


Introduction to Being Happy

I’ve been seeing a lot of depression things on social media, and how people don’t treat it as a legitimate illness, like it is. And for a long time, I was one of them. 729 more words

Being Happy

Learning To Accept Your Past

It’s difficult, but doable, and completely worth it

Let’s jump right into our First Step in our journey to happiness. To make this post’s concept tangible and to understand it, let’s take a baby step. 485 more words


Chicago, Almost 2 Weeks In...

So I’ve been in Chicago almost 2 weeks, and am much happier here. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but I’m falling in love with Chicago, and the new job is much better. 309 more words



I find myself giving advice these days and yet not following it myself. I went to an event tonight, thought I looked fantastic, just to see a picture of myself and hate it. 116 more words


Day 1 - Be the best you.

Starting Weight: 200.6lbs

It’s a little funny to think back to a little over a month ago when I first bought my juicer. It’s an appliance, how could it possibly change the way I feel about anything? 543 more words