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Wedged In

Here is a special sneak peak at my new Devo on the Go, a weekly two minute devotion that you can do anytime, anywhere. This week’s Devo is a video blog or vlog as all the cool kids say. 91 more words


Why Nicki Minaj Should Be Looked Up To: Nicki Minaj The Modern Superwoman

I cannot say that I’m an utter fan of Nicki Minaj, In fact, I only could name a few songs of her, I don’t have any of her Album to be called a fan. 743 more words


Emancipate Ourselves From The Social Norms!

We are bound by all these social norms, we tend to follow the rules, we tend to go with the flow, we tend to fit in on what the society normally see as ordinary because we are afraid of being an outcast, afraid of being different, being alone, afraid of being judged. 404 more words


Lessons Learned

There are so many things I’ve learned in my 16 years of life. I have learned right from wrong, good from bad, mistakes from accidents, the list goes on and on. 552 more words

Once in a while

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And Great is the Dominant who can let wonder and joy fill his eyes at the happy images of Life.   223 more words


The Little Things

When I put my house on the market a few months ago, I mentally gave myself a year for the full transition to happen because I knew people in my neighborhood that had their houses on the market for six months or more. 351 more words

Divine Love

Moving On

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting everything, it means being free from the pain while remembering it all.

This is in response to the blog event One Liner Wednesday.