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Back to Gardening

I ordered seeds finally. I usually do this in January. I feel that I should wait to start things until April, though, so there wasn’t any need to rush. 35 more words

Being Creative

3 Favourite Photos - Cookies and cakes

These are three of my favourite photos of things I’ve baked and eaten. The first is of a simple sponge cake, the second one is a plate full of chocolate balls (oats, cocoa, butter, sugar and some strong coffee mixed together and rolled in shredded coconut and cinnamon), and the third one is of a clementine cake with pine nuts and vanilla ice cream.

Being Creative

The Sleepless

I just finished this article on people who have a genetic mutation that allows them to function well on a few hours of sleep. I was mostly fascinated by this story for two reasons: 196 more words

Being Creative

Challenging Days and a Memory of Younger Me

These are challenging days and not because of kids! I’m tired and over the coldness (as mentioned in my previous post).

I had some memories surface recently. 401 more words

Being Creative

Springing Into a Vase on Monday

I have been watching, fascinated, as flower spikes begin to appear from the recently emerged green spikes of the TĂȘte-a-TĂȘte – surely they aren’t usually quite so early? 368 more words


Day 33: A Writer's Journal

Alright, I’ve got this new idea. Yesterday I said I don’t read often enough, which is totally true, and I need to change that. I remember saying in a previous post that I was going to read a book every two weeks, at least for now. 473 more words

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