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On Becoming A Writer - #1 in the Homeward Guest Series

A note from Chelsee: One of the goals of Homeward is to always be working with and promoting emerging talents. With that in mind, I’ve asked some of my most talented and generally awesome friends to write guest posts. 791 more words


Where's The Line Between Faith In Yourself and Foolishness?

I have to say that I probably ask myself this question every single day these days.  As most of you know, I’m currently writing full-time. 900 more words


Eight Ways I'm A Not A "Real" Writer (And One Way I Am)

There are a lot of clichés about how similarly writers behave, and I’m not sure I respond to all of them positively. Every “You Know You’re A Writer If You Do This Stuff!” … 1,023 more words

Some Thoughts On #!!** Editing

The first draft is for you the writer to learn about the story or the poem.
The second draft is for you as the reader. Tell the story to your reader. 340 more words


Some Days You Have to Focus on Living

If you read enough blogs or attend enough writing conferences or generally spend enough time around writers at some point you’ll hear that a writer should write every day.  610 more words


Being Invited

This kids cracks me up. I was looking for him today and found him perched on his dresser in his closet. He borrowed his brother’s headphones and was creating his March article for the school newspaper, using Google Docs. 200 more words

The Trick of Social Media

I am not that great at social media, personally or professionally.  I have this blog.  I have a personal FB account.  I have a couple other blogs that I neglect to such an extreme that they should just be shut down.  418 more words