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You Are Valuable

Sitting in church and the pastor continues the sermon series on our place in the church. It was very powerful…for someone like me.

The first bullet point was – “I am a VALUABLE part of the church” 559 more words


Ways of living in the Spirit

Someone I know was so good at her job that her boss offered her promotion. Let’s call her Miriam. Given that Miriam might have moved to another firm, the boss was a wise man ; but what he did was to offer her a choice of three jobs to choose from. 1,044 more words


Sharing God with others

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- If we are not careful, we can easily be seduced into thinking that the Christians of Galatia (Gals 5:16-15) were for some unexplained reason entirely given over to extravagant sexual promiscuity and other faults. 787 more words


That last night... what did He pray?

A Little Giddy Talk: written on 4/2/15

(GUG= Giddy Up Gals 4 God Ministry)

Reference John 17:1-26

Ladies, tonight is so sobering. It is the last evening Jesus was alive before His crucifixion. 1,223 more words


A Little April Fools... Can ya' handle it?

A Little Giddy Talk: 4/1/15

(GUG= Giddy Up Gals Ministry)

I have tried to think all day about some April Fools joke I could start out with tonight. 765 more words


Thoughts on Modesty: Pt. 3

Ok, so this is the last part of my series on modesty, in which I’ll be looking at makeup. You may ask: how does this go with a series on modesty? 405 more words


Those People We Cherish: Lynn Marston and Family Needs Our Prayers

There are people that you just meet and know from the minute they say hello you will cherish for life. Such was the situation with Lynn Marston when I was faced with having to do the eulogies for our “adopted parents” Mr. 437 more words

Being A Southerner