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An extraordinary happening. God becomes man.

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings : – ┬áRoughly 20 years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, St Paul recorded a hymn in common use by the church in Philippi in northern Greece. 918 more words


The difference between being Christian and being Christ-like

Imagine, one day you meet someone who says he or she is a writer. That’s awesome, right? So you ask them what they write, and they respond: “Well, I’m not really writing anything now. 827 more words


Feminism: When Will Women Change?

Why do women feel the need to attack other women? Lately, I experienced an instance in which a woman called to complain about something I said incorrectly in a voicemail message. 700 more words

The Christian Life

Day 2081 - God Glorifying Himself In Dirty Humans

I was looking back over some of my old pictures and the one below came up. I love this picture. It was taken randomly while we were camping with friends. 125 more words

Beautiful World

The problem of pain

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings : – Most of us find the idea of suffering abhorrent and will avoid it if we possibly can. We view suffering as failure or even as punishment from God and in consequence see it all negatively. 1,024 more words


What would you do to save another person's life?

Mike Patterson and Son (Huffington Post)

Mike Patterson, 43, Rockmart, Ga. died last Friday. I never knew Mike. I had never heard of Mike until I found his obituary in a quick read of news on the Internet. 437 more words


God is like a mother's womb

The wonderful thing about the Internet, and especially Facebook, is that I can keep in touch with lots of the students I knew from my time as Chaplain at Oxford Brookes University; and one of the things that many who are women share is their experience of being a young mother. 1,046 more words