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The 30 year old-old man: I hate everything!!

By: Brian Streit

I turned 30 last year and while many people don’t think of this age as a huge milestone, I do. Not for the over the hill factor or the now-legally-able-to-do-something factor, mainly for the ‘ 434 more words


How can you die and you didn't live in the first place

I’m not living. My health condition, my mother’s health, my work stress, my confiscated car, the family’s gas leaking car consume me, and my endless intangible worries. 292 more words


Teaching is not just getting a job

So a couple of days ago I received a message from Selena to me and Sasha communicating us that the plea to get us with our diploma into a ranking to get a teacher job was open, if we wanted apply (and she mentioned we should) we had to write to a specific organization and start saving money for the trial, minimum to apply was something about 1000 EUR. 751 more words

‪#‎The100dayproject #Day 5# 30 thoughts on being in my 30's

  1. First off, being in their 30’s is perhaps the actual coming off – age for most people including me, you’re so much better at being friends with yourself…
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“Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory.”

― Dr. Seuss

For those of you who don’t know, I turned thirty nearly two weeks ago.

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Starting to start over

I’ve officially started over. I’m in a new city, in a new house, with two new jobs and a bundle of freelance work. It is terrifying and exhilarating and also very, very ordinary. 671 more words

Revelations From A Shit Year

Ripening: Reflections on Fading Youth and Regretful Aplomb

Is youth wasted on the young?

Sometime around one’s 30th birthday, to be certain, one realizes with a start the astonishing measure of self-absorption and small-mindedness that has defined one’s first decade as a card-carrying adult. 372 more words

Erin J. Bernard