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The Rookie Mistake Made by a Surprising Amount of Professionals in the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis

Many analysts and therapists have no idea that they are actually confusing the terms antecedent and setting events. By doing so they fail to comprehend and account for the significant impact of setting events on the outcomes of behavioral interventions. 1,089 more words


Why the terms "Noncompliance" and "Off task" Should be Permanently Stricken from the Vocabulary of all ABA Professionals and Students

If you currently work or study in the field of applied behavior analysis, chances are that you actively use the terms “noncompliance” and “off task. If you haven’t used them, you have at least been exposed to them. 1,033 more words


Stress = Fight + Flight? Not Necessarily.

If you are like me, the most of what you have read and heard about response to stress must have informed that we are ‘wired’ to fight and flight in response to it. 112 more words


Please don't cry

My darling, why do you shed tears,

Hurt as you might be,

Please don’t cry, I am here to console you…

My darling, why do you hide your face, 308 more words


Assuring Success in Our Projects [Initiatives]

Here is an easy to understand, and perhaps not so easy to adopt, method that will ensure successful completion of projects or initiatives one undertakes. I have included that method description below. 258 more words


Checked out

I feel like Zenobia has just checked out completely on us sometimes lately. It’s like she’s just gone. Like she doesn’t care or not care one way or another. 1,512 more words

Making any Progress in Your Spiritual Development?

From everything I have heard and read the message is clear that for almost all their spiritual development (advancement?) will be slow. However, if one is putting in serious effort towards his/her spiritual development with meditation, etc., it is not surprising to get frustrated with perceived lack of any progress. 272 more words