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Look Me in the Eye_ Autism Speaks

PRESENTLY, the term ‘ Autism culture’ is becoming more and more popular around the globe, with every passing day, marking the realization of an unpleasant reality plaguing mankind. 395 more words

Angels And Daemons

Effects of marijuana use on impulsivity and hostility in daily life

Effects of marijuana use on impulsivity and hostility in daily life

Emily B. Ansell

Holly B. Laws

Michael J. Roche,

Rajita Sinha

Published Online: January 06, 2015… 301 more words


Think Like a Freak: The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain

Author: Steven D. Levitt
Year: 2014
Pages: 288
Related Topic: Economics/ Behavioral Science/ General
Categories: Business & Money
Business & Money

Wandering vs. Focused Mind - Some Scientific Findings

News articles and books about meditation, mindfulness and other kinds, are not difficult to find these days. In this article some medical findings about the functioning of our brain while wandering, focused on one item, and during the process of bringing back a wandering mind to the item of focus are presented. 64 more words


My Behavioral Contract


A Way to Manage [live with?] Regrets

I came across this short video describing a not typical way to minimize the impact of regrets on self. It is a way I find rather unusual. 68 more words


Humanity through Capitalism?

In this TED presentation Paul Tudor talks about ills of capitalism as currently practiced by businesses.  He introduces a “Just Index” that his not-for-profit company is developing which could help bring back humanity in the business practices. 54 more words