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Experiments on smoking cessation

Paying people to quit smoking

It’s one of those things that I think we consider too rarely: paying patients to be healthier. After all, we have no problem penalizing them for being unhealthy (ie wellness programs). 76 more words

Behavioral Economics

Of toilets, gender and nudge

Bangladesh’s Very Public Toilet Crisis

People trapped in Dhaka’s notoriously gridlocked traffic have developed various coping strategies. Some take naps. Others work or catch up on social media. 112 more words

Behavioral Economics

Managing nicotine addiction

Smoking, Vaping and Nicotine

“We need a national debate on nicotine,” said Mitch Zeller. Zeller is the director of the Center for Tobacco Products, a division of the Food and Drug Administration created in 2009 when Congress passed legislation giving the F.D.A. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics

You’re (STILL) Making Bad Decisions and You Don’t Even Know It (part 2)

In a previous blog, I discussed concepts from the book, “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. Here are some more frightening examples of how humans are just not very good at making decisions. 616 more words


You're making bad decisions and you don't even know it

(this post and a second part was originally made about 9 months ago in a different forum, wanted to include on this blog)

No, I am not trying to depress you, I am making bad decisions too. 572 more words


If you want to invest smarter, invest like a woman

There is a big body of academic research, mostly based on surveys and studies, indicating that women are better than men at investing because they are more patient, make fewer off-the-cuff decisions, and exhibit… 341 more words

Discovering when to rob a bank

When to rob a bank’ is, in fact, the latest book from the Freakonomics co-authors and the reason Stephen Dubner was talking today in London.   515 more words