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The neuroscience of morality

How your brain makes moral judgments

Imagine a CEO wants to profit from a venture that, by the way, involves emitting pollution toxic to the environment, but she doesn’t care because the goal is profit. 113 more words

Behavioral Economics

The Juice on Innovation

We are extremely proud to announce that – for the fourth time in a row – we’ve come top of the GRIT Survey’s “Most Innovative Supplier” poll. 515 more words

Behavioural Economics

Survey Monkey CEO Dave Goldberg dies at 47 (RBDR 5.4.2015)

Don’t search for today’s RBDR… receive an email, Monday-Thursday, with multiple links to the newest video as soon as it is uploaded. To subscribe: ow.ly/CfFWE… 65 more words

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How people forget pain

Marathon Runners Forget How Awful Marathons Are

Women who have done both say that running a marathon is kind of like giving birth, in that the memory of the pain fades astonishingly quickly — or else you’d never, ever do the thing again. 69 more words

Behavioral Economics

Can we learn that we can’t learn from experience?

Fooled by Experience

We rely on the weight of experience to make judgments and decisions. We interpret the past—what we’ve seen and what we’ve been told—to chart a course for the future, secure in the wisdom of our insights. 96 more words

Behavioral Economics

How technology can manage information overload in financial markets

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Exponential Finance Is Coming to Wall Street This June

Technology moves as fast as the market. If you’re a leader or entrepreneur in most industries, you need to keep a close eye on a handful of related technologies to stay relevant. 100 more words

Behavioral Economics