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Hummers in the garden

Ah, to be back in the warmth and sunshine of northern California, where the roses are blooming and the birdies are singing.  I was entertained by a very territorial Anna’s Hummingbird trying to assert control of a profusely blooming Bottlebrush shrub in my mother-in-law’s backyard.   305 more words


Binay’s pathetic metaphor of himself with Singapore’s legend

Pathetic is about one’s pitiful behavior, but then it can also mean a desperate and despicable demeanor.

It is very unfortunate, therefore, that Vice President Jejomar Binay made a barefaced comparison about how similar he was with the late venerable Singapore legend, Lee Kuan Yew, during his reign as Makati mayor, because it has only shown more than ever the utter disparity between the two of them. 286 more words


Put Your Faith in Something Other than People's Impressions of You

Action Tip:  Examine where you are spending money and going into debt to impress others.

If you are trying to impress others, you feel insecure in that area. 20 more words


Measure Your Goals Correctly to Succeed

Action Tip:  Measure your goals correctly to succeed. Focus on the drivers of success to win.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, focusing on the scale will not help you win. 67 more words

Action Tips

Every Choice Can Be Smart. (Day 9)

Welcome to Day 9!

As discussed yesterday, today and in the coming days, we will be discussing about every aspect of S-M-A-R-T- Choices. And today we see “Stretch more than you can reach” in detail. 807 more words



On the soccer field today a man yelled at my 9 year old daughter.

Now let me tell you why…. SHE PUT HER ARMS UP DURING A SOCCER CHALLENGE. 1,182 more words


FYI – the early-bird ticket sale (lower price tickets) will end in only 3 days, the end of March 2015.

Are you going to lose out?

516 more words