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Oh, Awkward Day

Oh my GAWD, Blogosphere. Simmer down. I’m gone for a couple of days and you inexplicably explode, leaving me with looming fears that I will never catch up on my reading and miss out on some of the funniest and most worthwhile posts ever. 273 more words


I like better the people who said they don’t have any money, than people who act silly at the moment to pay the bill.



Real Life vs In Game: Behavior

Do you ever find yourself in certain situations or scenarios where you behave totally differently than you normally would? The classic example in my mind would be the person who is normally very calm, confident, and smart but turns into a trembling puddle of sweat and anxiety the moment an exam is put in front of them. 715 more words

Good And Bad

Sell Solutions, Not Products

Presented by Richard Mangiameli

Most customers respond to problem resolution or how a solution can meet their needs and provide benefits.  For example, while some annuities (like Fixed Index Annuities) offer no direct downside market risk to their money and the opportunity to create guaranteed income for life, it can be more effective to set the stage in relatable terms. 208 more words


Installment No. 374: The News Media

Contrary to fabricated comments perpetuated by at least one newspaper in northern Colorado not all cyclists who live and work in the Fort Collins, CO. area believe themselves to be above the law. 89 more words

State Of Colorado

Oh, I wish I were a (frog) fish!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.  Hog fish, dog fish, meet the Frog fish!

I have a good friend who has a fascination with frog fish.   516 more words


A Thorny Situation

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A Thorny Situation

It started harmlessly enough.

Our backyard is a mess.  The combination of a California drought, a broken sprinkler head, and dead pine needles killing every bush in the very back of our yard, we needed to start the cleanup. 650 more words

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