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In a moment of weakness, and just to see what would happen, I patted the top of the bed and said, “Kali- up”.  To my surprise Kali’s eyes and ears perked up and she seem interested.   756 more words

The Pack

To improve the quality of yours and others lives, do this:

For the long term ultimately we will need to change some of our evolutionary programming to actually be happier, thrive and diminish suffering.  —  For starters we need tweeking with  our level of compassion for those we are not vesting in, improve level of critical thinking-outside the box thinking and logic, control of emotional experience ..   226 more words



Yesterday, I met with a friend who was in treatment with me. He’s had a couple of major surgeries and his health is improving but has a hard time walking around. 373 more words


Thank (made by a 7 year old child)

you should always thank people especially god because he gave you food,water,

toys and many other things,and to think about it you should thank people when… 136 more words


Dolphin Days

O Grove’s local dolphins are highly active. In a year of sea surveys, there’s only been a couple of times when we couldn’t find them. 573 more words

Animal Cognition

Why is this male carrion beetle "biting" one of the female's antennae?

Earlier this spring I came upon an interesting aggregation of insects at a sap flow at the base of the trunk of a large oak ( 698 more words


16 Ramadan 2015: Forgiveness

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. – Thomas Szasz

None of us is perfect – we all make mistakes and bad judgement calls that may hurt people around us.

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