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A Dragonfly Story

I’ve been sick the last several days and I’m not up to writing a whole Friday 5 blog post today, but I still wanted to get SOMETHING up today.   659 more words


Characters Can Act Worse Than Kids!

Characters are going to get out of control sooner or later. Women can be just as bad as men when it comes to this. They pout, pound their feet, and get way too loud. 159 more words

2/27 - I Am Grateful For (Day12)

Today, I am grateful for…

1 – I had a good night sleep, refreshing morning.

2 – Thank God for I know how I am aware about my behavior when things didn’t go my way. 111 more words

Snow Days, Laughter, and The Movies

WOW it’s been a while! As usual, things have been a bit crazy for me. I’m starting to think that crazy is the new normal! Just a short little update for everyone :) 449 more words

The hunt

A red fox looked like it was hunting mice over in the neighbor’s yard this afternoon.

I tried to open the window to get a better shot without window glass reflection, but the fox heard me, and immediately raised its head and looked like it would run off. 281 more words


HBR: "You Can Teach Someone to Be More Creative"

There is no question that the level of creativity among individuals can significantly vary. These levels, influenced by personality, intelligence and life experience are increasingly difficult to change by adulthood. 56 more words

AIIR Executive Coaching

They Can Still Surprise You

They Can Still Surprise You

I had a week of very late evenings.  That’s just the nature of television news and ratings periods and the job I have.   531 more words