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Sometimes I Don't Like My Son

As I typed that title in, I realized that someday my son might find this blog and read this post I am about the write.  I hope he understands how much he is truly adored by me and his father.   510 more words


This was the psychoanalysis I submitted in one of my major subjects last semester. Alibugha was a stage play performed by the Dramatic Guild of our university, along with other organizations in the same field. 266 more words

When Words Come Rushing

With a steely glance
you shatter all hope of love
or proof you’re human

I have hugged strangers
Their cold, angular embrace
held more warmth than yours


On Your Throne

Imagine you’re a king or queen, and your kingdom is named YourLife.

In your royal throne room, you have a multitude of advisors, they advise you on just about everything and remind you of things your kingdom needs. 248 more words


Treading Further Into the Idea of Dualism

My first post was a teaser to what Levelheaded Bohemian means. But really, what does it mean?

I’m going to start with this. Whether we realize it or not, our day to day life is filled with dualities. 645 more words


Should You Stay or Should You Stray?

         Is monogamy just disaster waiting to happen? This may be a sensitive question for some, depending on whom you ask. Many historians believe the idea of monogamy originated in the age of the ancient Greeks and Romans. 447 more words

Turning 30

the best heron

I love taking photos of Great Blue Herons — they are such regal birds standing and walking around in their wetland habitat.  But the best photos I have ever taken of the GBHs came from a bird standing right by the side of the road at the base of a waterfall, cascading down an embankment from a prairie pothole pond. 98 more words