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The freedom of truth

My mother and step-sis were at my house for two weeks and unlike most houseguest situations, they are lovely guests. I have had so much fun, love and laughter with them over this time and I was rather dreading their departure.  1,353 more words


A depressing consequence of the Mamasapano encounter

At the MSN website on national issues there is a poll survey asking the question: Who should be prosecuted for the deaths of SAF 44? As I write, those who participated had President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) at 39%, the MILF at 34%, Alan Purisima at 19%, Getulio Napeñas at 6%, Mar Roxas and Leonardo Espina at 1% each. 526 more words


Love + Action

Do you care about nature and our environment? Of course you do. That’s why so many of us have pets at home, feel good when we are outside, and zoos and aquariums attract over 700 million visits worldwide every year. 437 more words


Family Contracts Help Improve Behavior

A family contract supports purposeful parenting as opposed to emotional reactive parenting. If a parent can recognize what is occurring in the moment, they won’t be as reactive. 354 more words

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer. It often has no signs until a person suffers a heart attack or a stroke. So don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today for a healthier heart!



The Wife's Side

Self-Absorbed Fiance

Dear Connoisseur of Love,

I am engaged to a man, who has numerous female friends. I suspect they are something more. Recently, during my second pregnancy, one of his friends decided to follow me, but would never say a word to me. 178 more words


I need to let more mistakes happen

One of my greatest fears is the fear of failure. It’s likely what drives me so passionately toward my goals. It spurs my drive for perfection. 881 more words