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DayBreaks for 7/01/15 - We're Not Climbing Jacob's Ladder

DayBreaks for 7/01/15: We’re Not Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Today’s DayBreaks is from the 2005 DayBreaks archive:

Do you remember the Christian children’s song from your childhood that included the words, “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder?”  It comes from the story of Jacob in Genesis as he was running for his life with his brother Esau chasing him.  363 more words

Christian Illustrations

Proof of Boys

Sometimes I think boys are cute.

The way they check their hair in every reflective surface within a five step radius.

The way they over-apply that first can of Axe body spray. 398 more words


How to add custom User-ID to your Universal Analytics (Google) implementation?

There are three different implementations that you could have with Google Analytics:

  1. Classic Google Analytics
  2. Universal analytics
  3. Universal analytics with Google Tag manager.

If you fall under “2. 387 more words


How to stop a tantrum without candy (and produce a pleasant person in the process)

You may have seen a child throwing a tantrum in a restaurant and asked the person next to you, “Why doesn’t that mom just take her kid outside? 1,194 more words


The 138th Step

Hey guys, do you know someone in your inner or outer circle, who made the transition from hobby to hobby that pays a view pennies? 123 more words


Bite what you can chew

Don’t be crazy to do a lot of things you can’t do.

E.W Howe

Quip for the day

Habits are first cobwebs, then cables

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Women's faces get redder at ovulation, but human eyes can't pick up on it

Previous studies have shown that men find female faces more attractive when the women are ovulating, but the visual clues that allow this are unclear. Now, new research investigating whether it might be to do with subtle changes in skin colour has shown that women’s faces do increase in redness during ovulation, but the levels of change are just under the detectable range of the human eye. 680 more words