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Spiritual Crazy Town

I finally re-watched the last Matt Kahn video. I didn’t pay enough attention to it before. In a way I have been doing the opposite of what he advised. 391 more words


Hello fitterverse!

Hello fitterverse! I’m a fat, single and unhappy girl with lots of dreams. On top of that dream is to get into the fit people universe where people are strong, happy and full of endorphins. 17 more words


Final Fling #1

Dinner at Yardhouse and a ride on the Orlando Eye for my final fling with my Orlando girls!

Abu Dhabi


nothing SCREAMED!
bursting brilliant incandescent
loving life ~~ upon waiting
expectation inside
and there! the producing
factory of all things
set shop and churned stars… 24 more words



To progress this blog to present time I figured I’d fill you in on “Jered”.

Jered isn’t his real name, but by looking at my header and tagline i’m sure you can take an educated guess as to why i’m not using his real name…nor mine. 906 more words


Starting fresh.

Seven months is a long time. That’s how long it’s been since the last time I posted on this blog. How did that happen?

I know why, of course. 509 more words

Making Stuff

The story begins...

No one gets to where they are now without a beginning. The thing about my beginning is that I didn’t know it started where it did until I got to where I am now. 322 more words