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In Painting our own reality remember to learn from the simple

A lot of teachers will point out how we create our own reality.

Here is a silly example from my gaming days. Bare with me there is a point to this story. 587 more words


musings : Unnamed and Unrequited - untitled 070815


because our eyes gaze into the horizons, and
our desires know a hunger as wide as the stars,

we sometimes miss the fragile seedling… 181 more words


Packing my suitcases is making me nauseous with anxiety!

Abu Dhabi

There's No Time Like the Present Time....

You know what can really ruin a great office romance?..

A menstrual cycle! Sometimes it’s just not fair being a female.

So what do ya say we press the fast forward button and get you introduced to… 864 more words


Creativity: The Thief: Kakeru

Kakeru forced himself to sit up and nursed the wounds across his chest. The toils of the last few hours still racking pain through him. He stood up and limped over to the desk in the corner. 412 more words


The Sun and the Flower

You are the flower everyone wanted to pick, but no one wanted to water.

Try as they might, your roots grew deep for nourishment, your stalk grew impenetrable, and your bloom out of reach. 66 more words


Starting Out

One key to a happy life is consistently working to better one’s self. This can be manifested physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, etc.. Quite often we forget that happiness has a lot to do with self-love, as we are bombarded with technology that has become so constant in our lives that we use it to compare ourselves to others through channels like social media and advertising. 717 more words