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D-day. And pages of full of emotion and wisdom.

A lot of energy has gone in to the campaigns for this marriage referendum on equality.  It’s been a little like studying for exams.  Knocking around in the back of our heads for months, the the last minute panic hits…googling for facts as you read different articles to try and figure out if someone is pulling the wool over your eyes with a con, or giving you an informed tip that’s guaranteed to be relevant on the day.   1,267 more words


How Dumpster Dinner Began

This post might be a little bit boring, but I feel like it needs to be on the site anyways.

It had just turned 2015. I was sitting on the floor of my friend Damons house, and I had my laptop out. 469 more words

Hello World!

After numerous other attempts, I am hoping this blog will stick.  If the past is any indicator, probably not.  Just being honest.  That being said, I hope I can prove myself and the blog world wrong.  75 more words


Hello world!

Hello world!  I like that….good morning, hello, rise and shine!  Welcome to the world, the blogosphere, where everybody has a tiny piece of life, reality, shared experience.   84 more words


On Endings.

What has often bothered me, is not the ending of things, but the ease with which I’ve seen perfectly beautiful journeys destroyed for the littlest of things. 60 more words


Not quite getting it right

Hello World,

As I go further into the New Age concepts, I feel I am getting harder to relate with, unless you too are New Age. 571 more words


Thursday, May 21, 2015

This has been a cool, rainy day–enjoyably so after the hot weather last weekend.  The ground dries out so quickly, especially on the hot days when it’s windy, so we felt blessed by the gentle, steady rain that fell from mid-morning through mid-afternoon.   913 more words

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