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Beginnings Part Two: A Game of Thrones

I decided it might be considered too easy to dismiss what is technically wrong when considering only novels you love, so I have chosen one I abandoned, and abandoned early on. 1,461 more words


The Beauty of Getting TIPSY

Now before you start judging! Tipsy is a dog, our dog. Geez! Also do not judge how she got the name because English is not our mother-langue (tongue). 711 more words


Regrowth while Rebuilding

I am no longer the young and naive twenty something year old woman. I am now the independent and ever-growing thirty something year old woman. I am worlds apart from who I was 10 years ago. 357 more words

30 Ways Writing is Like Meditation

Writing and meditation might seem like they have absolutely nothing in common, but they do come with some surprising similarities. They both involve sitting alone in a quiet room, focusing our minds inward and being thought of as mildly eccentric by most of the people we meet. 388 more words


The Note

“Why, why why, why me?” complained Mika in a whisper as he walked to the front of the class, “why does it always have to be me?” 91 more words

Story Beginning

Tiny House: Where We Got This Idea

During a contemporary art history class in 2004, the professor showed a slide of Nils Holger Moorman’s Walden. I was in the auditorium that day, working toward my degree in studio art, and getting my first introduction to the idea of tiny houses. 205 more words


The Human Connection

In early recovery, I walked into a 12 step meeting and saw people laughing, hugging, embracing each other in a completely natural human way.  The human connection often begins with touch.   629 more words