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“What’s going on, Hailey?” asked 8 year old Jamile, “I don’t get what’s happening.” Jamile’s older sister Hailey just ignored the question, and kept her eyes fixed on the TV screen, Hailey’s eyes started to water, she wiped away a tear. 130 more words


365 Grateful: Day 2

Today, I’m so grateful for our new little trees. When we first moved into our home, our backyard was surrounded by a huge hedge of spruce trees. 98 more words

365 Grateful

Whatever It Takes

How long does it take to fulfill a life long dream?  Eleven hours fifty seven minutes and twenty nine seconds.

On the way to the race I remember thinking that we didn’t need the car.  1,166 more words


A Room Full Of Symbols

crashes in on you
a wave
or a room full of cymbals

to survive
you shut down
go limp
tap out

moves on… 23 more words


Pre- Campnanowrimo week, writing exercise number one.

One of the lessons I took from Nanowrimo 2014 was that I didn’t do enough free writing around my characters. Sure, I downloaded the character questionnaires and I thought I was jotting down all the little character quirks that popped up in my head, I assumed I had rounded out my characters enough that they would organically evolve as I wrote into cohesive and readable characters. 1,510 more words


In the beginning

Disengaging. Voices dim, lights blacken. Lids part, grey is born. I am born. Head, molded to cold earth, fingers tangled in dry blades of grass. Above the cold grey sky dimly lit, a blury light. 7 more words