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The Voyage to Switzerland

Flying to Europe:Well, I have officially made it to Switzerland! Getting here, however, was no easy task.

The morning of my flight, I packed up all my bags and bubble-wrapped the heck out of Quirky. 985 more words


I'm just a girl in Qatar

Today marks the end of the fourth month since I arrived in Qatar. It has definitely not been the easiest. Everything feels and looks different, I’m confined to my apartment and my workplace. 469 more words


Honoring my feelings

Yesterday, I wasn’t quite sure what my feeling was. It was a bit of anxiety without stress. I was overheated and something felt wrong. As my roommate is out of town, I had the whole apartment to myself. 706 more words


A Foundation is Built

I crave simplicity, I do…I really, really do. However, I manage to muck it all up with complexities that blow even my own mind. So what do I do? 620 more words


Graduation Day Snapshots

Two weeks ago, I walked across a stage and received my diploma. Well actually, I walked across two stages in two different ceremonies and was handed a placeholder diploma – my real one is on its way via snail mail. 211 more words


Disclaimer for Family

I have been re-reading my recent posts. There are some things that could be misunderstood. I mention my belief in Kryon, but I do not mean it in the same way as a belief in God. 239 more words


Worried about Facebook connection to New Age Blog

Hello World,

I recently decided to follow my dream of being a Blogger, and that included coming out of hiding about who I am. I have had a New Age Blog in secret for years. 238 more words