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The beginning of a rambling mind

13 years.

Seven years of learning the alphabet and trying not to use your fingers to figure out the multiplication of nine. Another six years of constantly being moved from your friends when you wouldn’t even be the one talking. 304 more words


Impossibility: Part 1

The Mayans were right. In their own way, they were right.  On December 12, 2012, around 6 a.m. PST, the world ended. This is not to say that the world ceased to exist but simply that is ceased to exist as we know it. 2,152 more words


Happiness Is....

I spent a happy couple of hours whilst the boys were in bed, listening to music, and creating this, to get printed up and put on the wall. What do you think?



the number of times I tried and failed to come up with something to write about today.

My thoughts are just too many, too scrambled, too vulgar and too angry to express publicly without completely blowing my witness. 291 more words


The Beginning

Hello, beautiful person.

I have created this craft blog to show you some of the things I have been making, to store and share inspiration, and to interact with other crafty bloggers. 52 more words


Season Six Winner - # 1 - Kudos

I just sort of stood there, trembling. We all did, I guess. When we found out that we were going die we didn’t really react at first. 644 more words


And Now for Something Completely Different: Starting Line

Chapter 1

Finn waved at the carriage driver as the horse-drawn buggy disappeared down the mountain.  The guarded archway stood only a few feet away, signifying a new era in Finn’s life.  2,521 more words