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A Wonderful Surprise

I hid myself from the eyes of the world,

From the meaningful stares of people – young and old.

Each makes me feel really cold, 61 more words


Flash Back Friday

Our home is nearing the end of the renovations (yippee!) so now it’s time for a little nostalgia. My grandparents purchased this home in 1973 for $27,500. 91 more words


awkward af

As I sit here drinking my green tea, listening to indie music, and writing a blog I feel like a cliche hipster.  In actuality, I fucking hate green tea and never have any idea when to insert commas in my sentence.  300 more words


Start of a Journey

I knew from the beginning that if and when my boyfriend proposed that we would be putting everything together on a tight budget.  But that was before we became a one-income family, so now we’re talking about a shoestring budget….  247 more words


I think the universe has officially forgotten about me...

…And not in the good way. Like when you do something bad and are waiting for the Karmatic revenge of the Universe to punish you for being an awful person, and it doesn’t happen and it doesn’t happen and finally you figured the Universe just forgot about your punishment because there are so many more evil people in the world the Universe doesn’t even have time for you and your marker-sniffing, sticking-gum-under-the-desk bad self. 477 more words


An Idea

Yesterday’s prompt on writing101 was: to pick up the nearest book and
flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page?
291 more words

Check Out

A thought is born:

“A sight, an emotion, creates this wave in the mind, long before it makes words to fit it.”

-Virginia Woolf