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The Night it All Started

So here I am having a shitty day. The hormones I was so graciously blessed with have left me an emotional mess, & I can’t stand it. 296 more words


The Beginning Part 3

I have this weird outlook on life. No one in the world should, because naturally being different people create different senario that build the person we become. 247 more words


The Beginning

I am a depressive, overworked, over achieving, teenage girl that has all of it and none going for her all at the same time. I don’t really know what to make of life quite yet, but I’m working on it as I go. 57 more words


We Weren't Always Here: Part Two

Chapter 2


From billions to millions of years ago:

550 M yrs – first bony fish with spine, jaws and teeth

450 M yrs ago… 1,403 more words


Death Knell and a New Beginning

What causes an old and sometimes even cherished friendship to fall apart? Is it misunderstandings? Is it distance, physical and mental? Is it the basic differences in personality which are coming to the fore now? 338 more words


Complaints and Gratitude

People who complain are not necessarily unhappy. Often, they just try to strike a relationship with others through complaining. Sharing suffering, even about the little things, can be bond-creating and frequently functions as a conversation starter, an icebreaker. 380 more words