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Assimil update

Still up to date with my Assimil studies. A little disappointed with today’s chapters, as it seems they put a lackluster effort into these ones compared to the previous chapters. 110 more words


Chinese Sentences and Phrases, Lesson 1

Hi all!

We’ll start now by going through a book that was suggested to me by my good friends at the local Chinese tea house:  241 more words


Two strength training program for beginner-Part 1

Our definition for beginner is anyone who doesn’t have any experience in weight/resistance training. We all have been there, not knowing what to do, going to the gym, mindlessly lifting weight with no goals whatsoever and looking like an idiot wandering around the gym. 540 more words


Doughnut Lover's Guide To The Gym

So a few days back I signed up to the Gym!

The first thing I wanted to know was where everything was. The second thing I wanted to know was, ‘how to use a gym?’ 719 more words


How to begin leaning (Mandarin) Chinese on your own: HANZI

Hi all!

Today we’ll also be talking a little about what is probably the most hideously scary part of the Chinese language for foreign people: … 525 more words

"Is It Too Late to Learn X?" aka a Newbie's Decision to Start Playing DOTA 2

In the last couple of days, I’ve decided that I wanted to devote a little time to gradually (very gradually) learn a game that I’ve always felt was too enormously deep, time-consuming and overwhelming for a complete newbie to grasp. 1,334 more words