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Astral Stuff

Alright, so lately I’ve been having some issues. Normally I do all astral stuff in dreams, but some shit has come up that requires more direct and consistent handling, the kind of shit where I shouldn’t just wait around for the random encounter or event during sleep. 139 more words



It has been over a year since my last post. Somehow down the line, I have lost the will, the drive, the passion to write. This makes me… upset. 437 more words



So, I was having some thoughts about sound and song with my magic. It occurs to me that I suck at using sound on the astral. 615 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

Tip 34: Should users be allowed to paste from the clipboard into a form field?

In forms where a field is requested, it’s common practice to ask for it twice to avoid errors. Should you allow copy paste into the field?

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Episode 9: NBA Playoff Time

Here is the 9th episode of the Makeshift Podcast and we focus the entire show on playoff basketball and more importantly on our hometown Boston Celtics and how much we hate LeBron and everyone else on the Cavs. 7 more words


When butter covers the toast from the outside

Have you seen the movie Chef? Cause I have and I liked it…I mean it is a typical, easygoing American comedy movie with a rather too-sweet ending, but I like it because they are cooking (at least a bit), and I like watching that. 401 more words


Torbeyns on Why He Became an Open Theist

From Cross Theology:


The reason why I personally became an Open Theist was:
Imagine that God created you as the soul that would eventually become Judas Iskariot, the betrayer.

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