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Child Support After Separation

hello  please help me, I was married for two years but we parted due to infidelity,emotional and physical abuse among other things that i wont disclose.However i went to NALEP and we got to sign an agreement regarding our daughters upkeep.The guy paid for upkeep only for 3 months and disappeared to Dubai,i don’t have his contacts and his family cant give me.i have tried……How do i go about legal redress because am totally exhausted from taking care of a child alone….i cant even save.Please help me whoever has a way out am begging.Thank you


Police chief: prohibiting all panhandling would be unconstitutional


Griffin Police Chief Steve Heaton said despite some citizen complaints regarding panhandling, the city does not have a significant problem with the issue. 594 more words

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Homeless Child FREEZES While Everyone Ignores Him... You WON'T Believe WHO Helped!

It was a terribly cold day and this poor boy was out in the street begging. He was wearing a pair of raggedy jeans and an old, torn up T-shirt. 63 more words

Leeds council's legal move against "persistent beggars" quashed in High Court

An injunction secured by Leeds City Council to crack down on “persistent beggars” was quashed in the High Court today.

Under the injunction – granted last June… 583 more words

Leeds City Council

Begging At The Table

It started with longing look, a subtle licking of the lips. Then it was shifted body position, moving a little closer to me.  This was followed with big, woeful eyes and then the whining commenced.   288 more words