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On Monday ...

Arrived in Rio on time if not a little earlier than hoped to a joyous welcome.  Although was the weather was unexpectedly cold; all is well and happy! 301 more words


Pleas of a Caged Soul

There are times when I want to escape this life of patronisation.
To be in a life where I can be who I want to be… 81 more words

And it fit...

“I tasted Hell & I liked it,
I tasted again & it fit –
I tasted Hell & I wondered
When will I see me thundered. 81 more words


Day 591 - Deleting a personality - charity for karma / personality.

I am hereby deleting a personality within me. My personality of giving to charity, to beggars and to people, asking me for money. It stops right here. 364 more words

I Wanna Bite!

When my Brother Billy was about two and a half years old, Daddy and Mother stopped by the A &W Rootbeer Drive-In for a treat after supper one night, way back when the brought those frosty mugs out to the car, no to-go orders.   180 more words