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How to Name a Brewery

With so many new breweries opening in recently and no doubt more opening in months to come, there’s a discussion we need to have: how to name breweries and beers. 1,841 more words


The Beers You Keep Getting Tricked Into Buying

Brand loyalty is a notoriously elusive thing in the craft beer world.  While the biggest brewers spend the gross domestic product of small countries on advertising to ensure that you buy their beer often and in large amounts, thousands of smaller breweries have to get a little more creative.   1,102 more words

Craft Beer

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2014 Brewbound Brew Talks Chicago: Developing Strong Brand Personalities

This another panel discussion from the 2014 Brewbound Beer Talks in Chicago, hosted by Lagunitas Brewing Company on September 23rd.

The discussion topic is “Developing Strong Brand Personalities” with Brand Strategist Michael Kiser and John Barley, Co-Founder and President, Solemn Oath Brewing.


Custom beer labels, new designs

Custom beer labels, new designs

18 new custom beer label designs added to my Etsy shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/custombeerlabels


Writable. Erasable. Washable.

Unlike paper the ink won’t smudge or stain your hands or clothes. 101 more words

Beer Branding


This week I have mostly been drinking “Anchor Summer Beer” brought to us by the Anchor Brewing Co. This is a very refreshing American style filtered wheat beer, but I warn you, it is hoppier than Bugs Bunny on National Hopping Day! 71 more words


My Secret Alter-Ego

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a slight change in the blolg’s appearance a while back. Instead of luscious, yet slightly generic shots of beer bottles and taps, my site now has a quicky graphic of a megaphone, constructed from the silhouette of a bottleneck. 867 more words