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Recipe! Cinnamon Sage Beef Heart Breakfast Strips (AIP)

Cinnamon Sage Beef Heart Breakfast Strips (AIP)— Kinda like bacon tossed in cinnamon and also super nutritious!

I was searching for a way to eat the beef heart defrosting in my fridge, and so dreadfully tired of the heart/ground beef/ground pork sausage patties I’d been making for the past few months. 850 more words


Coeur Braise aux Carottes

When I asked the guy behind the counter at Whole Foods if they had a beef heart he looked as if he’d like to gag,  but he went and looked for one in the back.  342 more words


Zelda Heart Roast: A Recipe

In The Legend of Zelda video game series, Link (the main character) must collect pieces of heart to fill his heart container in order to have optimal health. 417 more words

Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Beef Heart: Adventures in Offal

Recently I have been cooking through Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Chef.  While some of it has not been necessary it has taught me some new techniques and got me cooking with some new ingredients that I wouldn’t have used otherwise.   478 more words

4 Hour Chef

I Heart Jerky

I am writing this post so that everyone who already thinks I am crazy will have affirmation and all those who are desperate for ways to save money while still living well will have hope. 841 more words


In my Grandpa's garden

As winter arrives, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky we are to have our own official leek provider: my Grandpa! I remember spending hours moaning in front of my potato and leek soup when I was a kid. 329 more words


Breakfast: Today's Special

When I create post titles, I sometimes try to make a pun to amuse myself. Pretty sure it’s just me enjoying the silly references. Anyone remember that show on Nickelodeon in the ’80s called “Today’s Special?” From the theme song – “Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around. 263 more words

Paleo Autoimmune Protocol