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Hannah and Olivia's Beebot

During the seminar we were introduced to the Beebot which is a computing aid resource which can also be used across the curriculum by using different Beebot mats/maps. 422 more words


Using Bee-Bots - Katie's reflection

During the session we looked at using Bee-Bots as a resource to aid learning about computing in KS1. Discussion during the seminar furthered my understanding of algorithms and debugging and also gave me some great ideas for future lessons. 571 more words


Chloe's reflection of the Beebot seminar.

Never before have I used a Beebot that isn’t grey and the size of the moon, but apparently with time, they get smaller and more colourful! 267 more words


Snowed In and Watercolors

Last Friday I got a watercolor starting kit. Since we have been snowed in for the past couple of days, I finally had the opportunity to try it out. 50 more words


Our Nursery Beebot

It was wonderful to see our children take their first steps into programming as our Nursery Beebot had his maiden outing this week.

He was a very popular member of the school, never without company and always on the go!

Reception Class Get Coding with Bee Bot!

Yesterday we had a special treat  in Reception  Class – Verity’s mummy came in to give the children their first introductory lesson in using a Bee-Bot! 96 more words

Communication And Language

Computer programming

Congratulations to all these pupils who progressed onto the night time level on Beebot.

If you enjoyed computer programming, why not download CargoBot (a free app) and play it at home?