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Nighttime waking - Nocturia

Bed Wetting – Nocturnal Enuresis

Medical reasons for nocturia (waking to pee at night) include:

A high blood sugar level cause sugar to spill into urine, dragging lots of water with it. 157 more words


Purge, on the 19th. 

I think its important to have a designated day every week to remove things from your house. I have decided on Thursdays. My two bigs get home at noon so i dont feel like i have all day to do it. 298 more words


Today, I’m REALLY fed up with washing the wet bed. He’s 12 and I’ve surely experienced every emotion possible about the nocturnal toileting. The patient acceptance when he was younger (because there were so many more pressing problems, e.g. 372 more words

Bed Wetting Natural Remedies

Bed wetting is a condition where a child, usually over the age of 4 or 5, cannot hold their urine overnight, or sometimes during the day. 592 more words


Got a Bed Wetter?

I’m sure some day I’ll hear from my daughter regarding this post…. after all she is turning 10 and still frequently wets the bed.  We’ve found that she just sleeps super hard. 329 more words

Tips & Tricks

Mommy Perfume

Part of being a mom is smelling like baby, not the sweetness, but the pee and spit-up. So, if that is the case, maybe it’s time to bottle those smells and sell them! 241 more words

Stop Bed-Wetting

I never had this issue but for the friends of mine who did, I know that bed-wetting can be as frustrating for the parents as it is embarrassing for the child. 172 more words

Essential Oils