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Preventative Bed Wetting Measures

Almost every person with cystinosis also has Fanconi’s Syndrome (early diagnosis helps!), which causes, among other things, excessive urination. There’s a great diagram in Jessica Jondle’s book… 588 more words

Early Years

Grahamism: Springtime

“Graham, we are going to celebrate today! It’s the first day of SPRING! And Bess is 18 months old! That means it’s her Half Birthday! And Adelaide is 4 weeks and 4 days seizure-free today! 77 more words

Adelaide {on A Noble Journey}

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things...

How many people recall that from their childhood?  Well, I certainly do and now I get it. Babies are double-ended volcanoes; one end is bound to erupt at any time.  186 more words


In the dark cavern of my innermost being, a secret lurks waiting for discovery.  Why would a secret want to reveal itself?  Is it time to clean house?  533 more words

Should I Depend On Depends....

It’s so annoying when I’m all nice and warm, sleeping soundly, then get the urgent urge to go Pee.

I’m lying there… All happy and comfortable like a little newborn nestling in his blankies, but unlike a newborn I don’t wear diapers…at least not yet, so when nature calls…it keeps calling…and calling, like a half-crazed debt collector. 394 more words