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Marriages are made in heaven but mostly lived in Hell

 Marriages are made in heaven but mostly executed in Hell! As shocking as it sounds it’s true. Except in very rare cases it stands correct to the core.Marriage be it arranged or love marriage being conned into it like a cow, feels demeaning. 437 more words


It Comes With Thorns - Read Between The Lines

“Marriage is like life – that it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses.” Robert Louis Stevenson


Bed Of Roses – on set work

Produced by ABC TV, Southern Star and Ruby Entertainment

Producers: Mark Ruse and Stephen Luby

Writers: Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman

Directors: Paul Moloney and Mandy Smith… 197 more words

Biography - Education - Experience

Bed of Roses: Devil Savages MC Book 1 by Harley McRide

Sizzle Rating: 4 sizzles

(How hot the book is rated by me on a scale of 1-5)

This book is about a rough fun loving motorcycle club, two of the top guys Tonto and Sandman and Rose. 261 more words

Bed Of Roses

Psalm 23 - a bed of roses

You have bedded me down in lush meadows,

Where do people get off saying that life is not a bed of roses. If you are a Christian it most certainly is. 244 more words



These Saints of God, “Overcomers, they have overcome the world.”

Settled for a higher cause by spirit they are controlled!

Not all of them.  Some mope around seeming not to care! 227 more words



Today, I realized that life is a bed of roses.

It just so happens that we forgot about the thorns.