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Glutton on Rye

I am on a break from school. No, not from teaching, but from learning. I mean, I’m still learning as I teach, but this is a break from my actual, official, assignment ridden ‘school’. 474 more words


Ankle bitter

Summer school is in full swing and I’ve decided not to slit my wrists.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I said, “Sure, I’ll teach summer school…” to my admin. 279 more words


Riot vs Beckie Part 1 - WOW Flashback.

Get to know the rebellious Riot and the powerfully wholesome Beckie!

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Sign height

Six years.

Why do things look so different when you turn around? You can’t remember the feelings you had, the taste in your mouth, the smell of the breeze. 207 more words


BACKIE is the New Selfie

Backie is the new selfie!

Backie is just another way of taking a selfie of someone’s back. The Cambridge Dictionary has added the word Backie… 67 more words


Reigning Men

For some reason, I’ve been noticing the passing of time more lately than usual. I feel myself growing older, I see my kids maturing before my eyes, and the past is stretching further and further behind me. 773 more words


Bleed the fifth

Never a dull moment has special meaning in a classroom. I thought my life was full of excitement being a mother to six of my own. 290 more words