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NHL Three Stars of the Week

The NHL Playoffs, the best in all of pro sports, begin in less than two hours with Ottawa playing at Montreal and the New York Islanders at Washington. 314 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. He is Lost. No, he is mistaken. He is watching Lost. It is good. He is in the kitchen. He is barefoot. He drops a glass and it bounces between his naked feet one time. 494 more words


more to be had

In King Lear there’s a storm, a

mad wanderer forlorn,

and a fool, so by Burton’s decree:

the melancholy one is me.

In Macbeth, well there’s much… 98 more words


Beckett, do you even know what you are talking about?

Dear Samuel Beckett,

How are you doing? I am doing well. Or at least, I was…then I read Endgame.

Beckett, seriously, does this play even mean anything? 672 more words

Modern Era

NHL Three Stars of the Week

One of the top rookies of the 2014-15 season, and one without many cards, was named the NHL’s number one Star of the Week yesterday. 113 more words


Diamonds Are a Collector's Best Friend, or Will Be on Thursday.

While most of us realize that the cards that we put so much time and money into are just cardboard, that isn’t always the truth.  There are some cards that have a much more tangible value.   78 more words


Resuming a Project from 2011 and Upgrading it to Unity 5

I recently decided, in earnest, to finish Switch, a project which I’ve grappled with on-and-off since 2011. The project was, in part at least, a result of the psychological effects of spending the 21st year of my life in limbo, without a passport or income, in debt and with an uncertain future. 878 more words