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No 'Poo Week 1: The Recipe

Alright so here it is. To start my adventure I’m going to be using the recipe I’ve heard of the most, which is 1 tbs of either baking soda or ACV to each cup of water. 277 more words


No 'Poo Week 0: Before

You’ve probably heard of it. This beauty and health trend is becoming more and more popular every time I look online. Women are cutting chemical-filled oil-stripping manufactured shampoo (or ‘Poo, as these trend-users are calling it) and either skipping their hair altogether in their shower routine, or choosing to use more natural alternatives, the most popular of which being baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 403 more words


News: A New Trend in Selfies; The Best Beauty Memes

Makeup-free selfies are just as prevalent on social media as the fully made-up variety, but now makeup lovers have found a way to combine the two. 128 more words


Makeup Trend Alert: Strobing!

Have you heard the latest? Strobing is back and better than ever. Check out my article on the latest makeup trend strobing NOW!:

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Nick Cannon

“America’s Got Talent” Host Nick Cannon on being newly single, fatherhood and more.  Plus, Nick & Meredith face-off in “Call My Bluff,” where each player has to determine if the other player’s story is the truth or a bluff. 73 more words