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Bed Time Tag!

Winters are for staying in and snuggling! I wish I could hibernate! So, without further ado, here comes the bed time tag!

1. What are you favourite pajamas? 258 more words

Sleep It Off

Use your beauty sleep productively! Take advantage of the 6-8 hours of downtime you get each night by incorporating your beauty routine into your REM. Wake up to skin and hair that is recharged, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. 371 more words

7 reasons to be grateful for load shedding

The word load shedding has escalated to swear status in South Africa this year. Although I must say I don’t see people moaning about it as much as they did E-tolls. 404 more words

7 Things

Want to Look Gorgeous, Healthy? Do This!

Who doesn’t want the secret to beauty and health, right? Researchers say that there’s something we all can do about it (for free). Nope, not exercise! 133 more words


Tips To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Everyone needs their beauty sleep but sometimes it can be a little difficult actually falling asleep and staying that way. Some of us struggle with falling asleep and we just lay there thinking about a zillion things as the hours pass by. 264 more words


Beauty Rules to Live By

These beauty rules to live by are easy to incorporate on a daily basis and should be vital aspects of your beauty routine. They are simple rules, but they make a huge difference. 632 more words


3 Things That Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep Can Do To Your Skin

If you’re stuck in a risky routine of going to sleep late at night and waking up early in the morning, you’ve probably noticed that not only do you constantly feel fatigued, but your skin might be a little dull. 272 more words

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