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Once Again

Once again I find myself at this page, blank and ready. The page, not me. I am unsure, and waiting – chock a full of words, making a story of the sounds in the air. 218 more words



                  “VICTORY”……… is the only thing for which everyone is running. Everyone wants to be the winner. But only one who is the best can be the winner. 309 more words

Blogs From Heart

Heart wants happiness brain wants victory

Heart is complicated we can’t tell when it’ll change its liking and disliking. We can’t say when it’ll just start to love unexpected things. When it’ll stop loving the ones we have loved for a long time. 203 more words

Blogs From Heart

My Ex is Getting Married - Chapter Five

In Which There’s a Royal Piglet

I might never been an actual blond – you know, the one with a blond hair? But I do behave like a stereotypical blonds from bad jokes drunk guys tell each other so they can feel superior to women. 2,121 more words


Wordy Wonders

At the end of last week, and into the weekend, I felt pretty rough. Tired, and washed-out, and hardly fit to string a sentence together. It felt, more or less, like I’d been squashed flat. 806 more words


Ramblings of a Writer

I would want to write my thoughts and randomness in letters to someone.

Thoughts have a beautiful voice I believe. And in words that voice finds an individuality of melody… 251 more words


I dreamt of my future husband.

It was so weird.

Yet after I woke up, I felt so sad. That I would never see him again.

I don’t have dreams normally, so this was quite meaningful for me, and strangely there’s still this longing in me, that I can meet him for real someday. 765 more words

Beauty Of Words