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Nutrition for Kids by Jumana Al Awadhi

A lot of mothers get confused about what kind of food they should put in their child’s lunchbox. One mother told me that her daughter refuses to eat “pizza, pancakes, bread” which she put in her in lunchbox every day! 406 more words

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The Truth about Your Life Line

Life lines are a continuing topic of fear and consternation for clients and palmistry-voyeurs.

The life line begins in the space between the first finger and thumb and it curves around the base of the thumb, also known as the Venus mount. 822 more words

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From the Trainer - July 2015

If you are a weekend warrior who loves to compete in various sports throughout the year, or just an “Ordinary Joe” who’s looking for something new, you should consider adding plyometrics to your exercise program. 473 more words

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Exercising in the Heat: How to safely work out in hot conditions

The dog days of summer are upon us and with the warm weather and longer days we all have a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some summer activities. 729 more words

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First Blush - July 2015

Everyone loves the idea of exploring an exotic or foreign land so now that summer’s in full swing, it’s time to plan your vacation. However, traveling is stressful and can cramp your style, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. 1,067 more words

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Make Up Talk with Sara Karimi

What is beauty for you?

Beauty lies in the intelligence of women or men; in the ability to understand themselves, their bodies and their taste and what suits them more than what is trendy and available in the market. 416 more words

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Watch 100 years of beauty from Russia and the world

You might have heard about Cut’s latest video series covering how beauty has evolved over the last 100 years in various countries.  From India, the Philippines, Mexico, USA, Korea and now Russia, Cut has produced eight episodes so far analysing how beauty has transformed across the world in just a century – looks like the 80s weren’t a particular flattering decade anywhere. 23 more words