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Disney What-ifs: Belle's Mother

Sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any original content (or content at all, for that matter). My posts take a ton of work and video games require a lot less effort, so… Yeah. 1,646 more words


Stockholm Syndrome and The Devil Wears Prada, Part 1

Trigger warning; emotional and verbal abuse

When I finished my two posts on how Beauty and the Beast doesn’t portray Stockholm Syndrome, I felt proud of the work, but also worried. 1,930 more words


Cinderella (2015): A Refreshed Look on a Classic Tale

Expectation Level: Low

The trailer had me expecting yet another sappy, childish repeat of Disney’s animated classic. Though brilliant at the time of its release in 1950, would in present day be considered patriarchal, unreasonable, and bland. 413 more words

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A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 22: Vincent from Beauty and the Beast

V is for — Vincent from Beauty and the Beast

I’ve always loved the storyline of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale — the cursed beast-prince angry and brooding in his dark castle, saved by the love of a kind and beautiful woman. 424 more words

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Todrick Hall-90's Disney

This video is incredibly clever. It is also singable, get’s in your head quickly and makes me feel old. Happy Saturday!


Ranking the Disney Renaissance Films

Now that I’ve reviewed all ten films from the Disney Renaissance, what more logical way to follow it up than by ranking them all in a top 10 list? 1,045 more words

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Weekly Rewind 8: Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Disney?

Because I feel like that’s been a running theme lately here. Disney this, Disney that…I suppose you could say I’m obsessed / in love. <3 Last week was pretty great, to say the least. 706 more words

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