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Huge spring hat-check | Nagy tavaszi kalap-mustra

The beloved accessories of old ages, hats are reliving their true renaissance. In the clothing departments of our tiny country the very first bacis pieces have showed up already last year, which to be honest even I, usually being an open-minded -fashionista soul, have reached with a bit of caution. 391 more words

Beauty And Fashion

Scout Willis Shows Armpit Hair and Nipples - Yes or No ?

Scout Willis is already know for her support of “Free the Nipple” campaign, and now she seems to be making another statement: grow your armpit hair. 377 more words

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What's in My Purse?

Hi everyone! So, today I thought I’d do something a little different, and share what I typically keep in my purse (although it can vary from time to time). 226 more words

Beauty And Fashion

Woman shaving her face to stay young

A woman (Angela Garvin) decided to shave her face and dermatologists are now promoting the idea.

Ofcourse a host of products are now popping up especially for woman who want to shave their faces. 509 more words

Beauty And Fashion

Designer Minimalism

The one area I’ve not cleared out yet: the designer section of the wardrobe!

I’ve sold an Issa dress and I have an Alexander McQueen scarf listed on eBay at the moment. 294 more words


The store credit conundrum

I have a little store credit from returns on netaporter.com and Charlotte Tilbury.

Now, do I let the credit expire and lose the money or do I go and buy things when I wasn’t intending to? 139 more words


How to Find the Perfect Pink Lipstick for Your Skin Tone.

Pink lipstick — the most basic of all lip colors, yet often the hardest to select. One wrong move and we’re left looking more like we just had a cherry popsicle than the “Pretty in Pink” vibe we were going for. 301 more words

Beauty And Fashion