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Organic Makeup and Skincare - Why You Should Make the Switch

‘Organic’ is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in everything from food to household cleaning products, cosmetics and even clothing. The catchphrase ‘Outside and Inside’, coined as the public motto of an organic lifestyle,  represents the belief that you should never expose the outside of your body to things you wouldn’t first put inside your body. 890 more words


Travel Tattoo

Finally got my little plane!

Not until we are lost do we truly begin to find ourselves.

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What's in my Makeup Bag?

Today, I’m sharing the makeup products I have, though, unless I’m having a dance recital, I never wear more that two or three of them. I do prefer to wear natural makeup, as it’s better for your skin, but it’s not always possible, since it can be a little expensive. 310 more words

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Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

Homer once described olive oil as ‘liquid gold,’ a term that still resonates with many. Fortunately, we do not have to fight wars over olive oil anymore as it is abundantly produced in many parts of the world and readily available. 525 more words

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I’ve been looking for a great way to try new beauty products without the failure of purchasing an expensive product and not liking the result. 57 more words

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Beauty products on a budget

Beauty products are NOT cheap, and can add up so easily. Because I am on a budget, I try not to spend too much money on beauty products. 371 more words

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Morning Routine

Hello everyone :) How is this “spring” treating you?

I have started a 21 Day Journey into Minimalism Challenge that I will hopefully be documenting soon. 207 more words

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