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Quick Tip - How To Pick Blouses and Tops to Make You Looking Fabulous

Its not just the color or pattern of a top or blouse, it is how it is going to fit on you.

When looking for just that right blouse or top, consider the shape of your face. 67 more words

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What Face Creams You Should Use in Winter

In Winter, your face will need extra attention to keep it from getting dry.
Here is a simple tip to moisturize your face even more. 145 more words

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Fight Acne With This Green Tea Homemade Recipe

There are many products out there for acne and I had a few friends growing up that used some of these products and they simply not do the job or made it worse. 214 more words

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Day 27: Beautiful You

Quiet Your Critic

If you have a running commentary going on about other people in your life, it’s highly likely that you don’t really feel all that good about yourself, deep down inside. 159 more words

Help Out A New Mom with These Extra Care Idea's

Being a new Mom is a blessing beyond words. What many new moms have in common is focusing on the care for their newborn sometimes more then themselves. 487 more words

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DIY Easy Recipes for Lip Gloss

In Winter and Summer your lips can get chapped unless you protect them from the sun and wind. You can make up your own lip gloss and have ingredients on the ready for when you need more. 143 more words


What diet is best?

First of all never call it a diet. Using the word diet solicits many¬†responses that the¬†you didn’t mean to happen.

When you tell someone you’re on a diet, this is what mentally happens to the audience: 183 more words