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Monty Clift: Matinee Idol

You’ve heard of Brando and you’ve heard of James Dean, but have you heard of Monty Clift? If you’re a cinephile, classic Hollywood enthusiast, aged 50 plus or have seen Pearl Harbour epic  297 more words

Beautiful Men

What makes a beautiful man?

Check out this video, courtesy of the folks at BuzzFeed and gaze in astonishment at these sickeningly attractive specimens from around the world. Where’s the justice?!

Beautiful Men

Milan, Italy

Italian men …*insert praising hands emoji* I can’t even describe the sexiness! Apart from creepily staring at all the men in Milan, I shopped (obviously), sat and drank wine on a cute little patio, ate gelato, and was inspired by the incredible fashion sense everyone seemed to have. 18 more words


The Beauty of a Godless Cosmos

TV and film-wise, I usually come late to the party. I like to watch things at my own pace. So there was a bit of a lag before I got around to… 967 more words

Beautiful Men

David *Lord Have Mercy As We All Appreciate and Hyperventilate* Beckham

The other day I was casually grabbing the morning news papers and as I sat down in the train, I flipped the page and saw David Beckham’s Ad for his sweater line in H&M. 19 more words

Life And Love

The Show On The Edge Of Forever

After I heard that Leonard Nimoy died, it took me a while to put together my thoughts about the event. Growing up in the early 70s, … 917 more words

Beautiful Men