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Remembering Louis Jourdain

When I was a junior in high school, I saw The Swamp Thing (1982). Directed by Cleveland native Wes Craven, who would go on to fame and fortune as a purveyor of gory slasher flicks, the movie offered a gentler, more old-fashioned, monster-based brand of horror. 352 more words

Beautiful Men

Ciarán Hinds Fanniversity

Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to Mr. Ciarán Hinds!

Universities are full of subjects which have vast appeal for dedicated students, but cause everyone else’s eyes to glaze over. 885 more words

Beautiful Men

An Unexpected Audience For Fifty Shades

According to the New York Times, advance ticket sales for Fifty Shades have skyrocketed in Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Alabama, those stalwarts of the Bible belt. 218 more words

Beautiful Men

Geez, God Sure Knows How To Make Me Feel Better

I asked God to encourage me today. I woke up, got ready, and as I’m making my tea you know what hits me? Sadness, discouragement, a general heaviness. 468 more words


Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

If we judged every work of art by the moral status of its creator, our canon would be rather limited. In fact, depending on the standards of goodness we choose to enforce, I’m not sure we would have much left at all. 936 more words

Beautiful Men

Linnet's Third Fanniversary

A fanniversary… sounds a bit rude, if you happen to hail from the Atlantic Isles. Here in the land of the “fanny pack” it doesn’t have the same humorous effect. 1,002 more words

Beautiful Men