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New England revolution beat real salt Lake 4-0

In an entertaining match between New England revolution and real salt lake, the unexpected happened when the visiting team was beaten 4 goals without any response. 49 more words

Yet everything is perfect,
Because it is empty,
Because it is perfect
with emptiness,
Because it is not even happening.

Is Ignorant of its own emptiness-

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Mango Me This

Beat the Terminator

“Stallone would not beat the Terminator”
“Yes he would.
“The Terminator is like indestructible.
“Have you SEEN how butch Stallone is?”
“It doesn’t matter how butch you are.”

Photos: Jealous Man Beats Lover With Chains, Rods

This man you see here, is a horrible, horrible man. You won’t believe what he did to his woman. 18 year old Malawian woman, Linda Phulani is currently in a critical condition after her live-in-lover John Yasini beat her mercilessly over allegations of infidelity. 231 more words


Excerpt from Howl

“Im with you in Rockland

where fifty more shocks will never

return your soul to its body again

from its pilgrimage across the void”

-Allen Ginsberg


3 Basic Questions That Explained How Ali_Bomaye Makin Great Beats From Bandung

Someone told us that there is this guy makin dope beat on soundcloud. Turned out he is actually from Bandung, Jawa Barat. Setelah mendengar semua beatnya, ga berhenti-berhenti di putar lagunya lagi dan lagi. 143 more words