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Blade Rabbit

[ Beast / Effect ]

When this card is changed from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position, destroy 1 monster on your opponent’s side of the field.

ATK / 400   DEF / 300

Yu-Gi-Oh! - TCG/OCG

Người trung gian P14

Tete…Có lẽ không ai ngờ mọi chuyện lại đến nước quay chóng mặt thế này rồi :)


Minh đã định bỏ mặc Dongwoon ở đấy. 2,812 more words


Stripped Bare

Bones stripped bare, bleached white,
beast slain by the riverside;
once mighty oak tree.


What to do...

What to do was always the big question. I don’t know what brought me to looking out the window but here I was looking down upon a scene which curdled my insides. 2,373 more words


Summer Dissapointment: Cali Style


Summer sets impossible standards for a good time that always leave you second guessing everything you’re doing (now that I think about it, the world is a trap. 430 more words


Junhyung Berikan Bocoran Terkait Comeback BEAST Mendatang - IndoKpop

Selama acara peluncuran Cube TV pada tanggal 2 Juli, Junhyung berbicara mengenai comeback BEAST mendatang. Ia pergi ke Okinawa, Jepang bersama temannya dan komposer Kim Tae Joo untuk melakukan syuting reality show Cube TV, … 107 more words


Beast Explained

Beast feels cold, fear, and heat

But not the same as you and me

My Beast is lithe, strong, and whole

Primal instincts meshed within my soul… 216 more words