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Life Goes On


In the 19 years that I’ve been on this earth, I have not lived a bad life by any means. Sure, I’ve faced my fair share of struggles and I continue to face them everyday, but in no way have I let those struggles lessen the value of this life. 627 more words

Be Brave

Self respect

I run my own small business and someone once asked me what it takes to succeed at that. I thought about and said, “I’ve got total and absolute confidence in my own vision.” 683 more words

Acceptance In A Relationship

“Ugh! I asked you to change why don’t you just do it!” I’m hoping this isn’t a frustration in your relationship but if it is we have to talk. 408 more words


The blot on paper

When I first told my friends I’m starting a blog, they got really excited and supported my decision with full enthusiasm. All was going well. They used to tell me that since I love writing long messages, I might as well write stories for everybody else to read too. 826 more words

Don't Judge

YouTube Creates Campaign Where Adult Women Send a Message to Their Teenage Selves

YouTube has been the tool of viral videos for years, and this week is no different. They’ve managed to create the #DearMe campaign that of course went viral with over 1.5 Million views. 322 more words


Typing Away #5

Suddenly, Clark was transported to a far away place. Their was air wafting that felt clean, candy-coated, and potent. He beheld a clearing that had lush grass and a tranquil tree line with a curvature around him. 206 more words