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Because You're Awesome!

Sometimes when children who may not like me for no real reason look at me strange – I choose not to worry about it. They are just staring at me because I’M SO AWESOME!! 20 more words

Be Yourself

Why simply fit in...

Why simply fit in if your place in life is to stand out! Be yourself and enjoy who you are!

Mallory – 

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5 Ways to Make Your 30s Flirty & Thriving

So I feel the need to preface this post by saying, that I really haven’t figured that much out just yet.  I simply know that I am loving being in… 329 more words

A Few Of My Favorite Things


“We thus see the artist performing a dual function: first, furthering the integrity of the process of self-expression in the language of art; and secondly, protecting the organic continuity of art in relation to its own laws. 33 more words

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The Thirties

My dad used to tell me that life starts to get really good in your 30s.  I never really understood until I passed the mile marker myself. 270 more words


Birthday Brunch

I believe in birthdays.  I believe in celebrating. I don’t care how old you are.

Throw some glitter. Make it rain!

That’s my motto. Figuratively of course, have you ever tried to get glitter out of carpet? 63 more words

A Few Of My Favorite Things

“Can You Please Change to a Boy?”

Those words from my four year old nephew, which will be explained shortly, but first things first, wow has it been a long time since I’ve written a blog post.  549 more words