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Wake up and be you

Kermit the frog told us, “It’s not easy being green.” I am beginning to think Jim Henson was talking about far more than color.

Maybe you already figured this out long ago, but it has been a while since I thought about Kermit. 1,205 more words



Using this principle in your everyday parenting comes naturally when you have worked to discover who you truly are. Tai Chi teacher Chungliang Al Huang summed up nicely the message we want to get across to our kids: 789 more words


Peer pressure, No pressure: Jenn

There is not one person who has walked this earth and not been bullied. Even Christ was bullied and persecuted. Junior, Jenn tells us how to overcome the naysayers and be the best you! 714 more words


Trend setter: Nicole

Most cool kids take a lot of heat for… being cool! They get called names like fake, people pleaser and worst. While because of the influences we see on TV some kids are those things, but not all. 484 more words


That drama kid: Ashton

When it comes to being yourself it isn’t always easy. With peer pressure on one side and wanting to fit in on the other. Junior, Ashton, interviewed with us and gives great tip on how to be yourself and still have friends and enjoy high school. 954 more words


Shock the world...

Shock the world – always be yourself and let everyone else wonder!

Mallory – 

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Working on Yourself

There is something sweet about learning who you are and working on self. Like a flower blooming or a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, its new and fresh who you can become. 386 more words