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Darling, think of others.

So a week ago my sister tells me that she has a buy one get one on Perkins breakfast. Me being completely oblivious and the thought of pancakes…. 190 more words

Be You

Little Girl Joy

Stood outside,

and looked up

at the clouds.

The sun

peeked through

fluffy white


When suddenly,

it begins


Just from my

little cloudlette. 31 more words

Be You

Shine With Your Own Light

As a kid I used to depend on people. I followed them around, did what they wanted me to do and thought what they wanted me to think. 477 more words

Lana H

Who Am I?

Ive been asking myself this question quite a bit lately. Ive said before that who I am and who I am becoming, is not the same person I thought I would be or thought I would be in the future. 291 more words

Stop Dreaming & Start Doing

‘The MEANING of life is to find your gift. The PURPOSE of life is to give it away’ – William Shakespeare

Many of us go through our lives doing the ‘normal’ walks of life. 312 more words



Mysterious how

the light plays

alongside the dark.

A visual metaphor

for the duality

in nature.

If you listen carefully,

you can hear

songbirds announcing, 48 more words

Be You

Wake up call/att bryta mönster

Reading other persons blogs is really fun. You could learn a lot and find many interesting posts.

I found this first:

Be You Now
http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/02/16/be-you-now/ 41 more words

What Ever/Övrigt