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So your style is no joke it is apart of u and u know that U can make ur own clothes if u are into designing that job is made for u 😘😘

Be proud of who you are

Dear Darling

Someone recently told me that I am lucky because I have a strong personality and that that makes life easier for me. The thing is that who you are is all up to you darling, You get to choose who you want to be. 142 more words


I'm never changing who I am

For so long I have let others dictate my existance. My passion squandered under the weight of everyone else’s opinion. I have never been fully able to say this is mine, I made this, I chose that. 336 more words

The 21st Century: Girl Wonder

Highlights, perfect.

Eyebrows, artistically lined.

Skin, airbrushed and flawless.

Body, sculpted from 3 hours a day at the gym.

Having it all together all the time isn’t realistic.

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People Utilizing Service Sheep

Happy Saturday! It is late but I am getting it in today (unless you are on the East Coast and it is tomorrow already.) I do have a lot to say but haven’t been able to stop to write today. 619 more words


Want to Contribute?

Commonplace Cafe has a vision, and in order to keep to that vision, we need your help.


Because as humans, we need to belong.

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Be You

Saturday To Do List

Go outside.

Take off your shoes.

Drink iced tea.

Listen to music.

Do yoga.

Lay in the sun.

Turn your perspective upside down.