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be honest in your life...

Do you love reading?

I love to read too. However, if we don’t apply in our life, we might forget whatever we’ve learned. The best thing is to contemplate and apply after your reading. 206 more words


Beyond Color

He goes out and makes things happen. They all know this cool dude. The man isn’t rich but he isn’t poor. Young bloods look up into those intensive eyes with smiles because cool dude doesn’t play games with peoples minds. 181 more words

Be Honest

Dear Atheist, I'm sorry.

This evening I was surfing a popular art website called DeviantArt. I was interested in what kind of art was being created by different events going on in the world and ended up in the Christianity tag (shocking, I know) . 822 more words


"I’m a Victim So I Can Do Anything I Want Today"

There are some that try to explain their current actions and bad behavior on what happened in the past.  It’s called a victim mentality.

They will even go so far as to blaspheme icons of faith to justify and rationalize the disgusting things they do today. 148 more words

Be Smarter


“Ugh, stop being so salty.”

Bitterness. Holding grudges. Resentment, or however else you wish to label the feeling, we have all felt it. 219 more words

Coffee Talk

A Letter to my 'Colleagues'

If you have a problem with me, don’t bitch about in email (which we share) to each other, say something to my face.

Bitching about me taking my dog to the vet to get vaccinated so she does not get parvo and die, yeah real fucking mature – sorry that I do not have anyone else in my life who can take her to the vet, I didn’t expect it to go that long – last time it was a 5 minute appointment, so I”m fucking sorry. 208 more words


Why It's Okay To Not Always Be Okay

Sometimes, we get so caught up in wanting everything to be picture perfect. We edit our pictures and post happy statuses and tweet lyrics to songs that are the exact opposite of our mood just so people think we’re alright. 449 more words