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Just Be

Respect the opinion of others. Be open to the views of others. Not everyone will agree with you. You will not agree with everyone. There’s a time to agree to disagree. 89 more words


What if . . .                                      Everyone said what they meant

I don’t mean being nasty or rude but just being honest. How many of you feel frustrated with yourself from time to time due to not saying what you really want to? 330 more words


How Not To Lead Her On

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The one we said we would never fall for or give ourselves to. The man who melts your heart at one touch and one word, and before you know it you’re under his spell. 499 more words

Depending on how you put yourself out there, is how others will treat you. You may be okay with who you are, but is that how you want others to treat you?

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15.2 flashback to 14.2 

Last year the crossfit community witnessed the second open throwdown with T. Fortunato and Camille L Bazinet–which involved overhead squats and chest to bar pull ups (both movements are a piece of cake for each female athlete according to their crossfit career). 461 more words

Dressed Like A White Boy

If God was to bless me with a boy, I would dress my son a certain way.

In a way many may call “dressed like a white boy.” … 83 more words

Speak Truth

DATING: The Secret Way To Get Them To Stop Texting You

Can we all agree that it’s easier to get along with someone that has similar texting etiquette as you? Someone with whom the conversation just flows effortlessly, starting and ending naturally? 670 more words

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