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Happiness and Social Life

A very recent study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies on the victims of the Katrin disaster shows that those participants who had a strong social network recovered their levels of happiness faster and more soundly than those who didn’t. 151 more words


Redo för ayurveda workshop!

Det blev en blandning av ledig lördag och jobb idag. Jag hade lite jobb kvar med materialet till deltagarna på workshopen imorgon.
Men först tog vi en slow lördagsfrukost för det hör ju helgen till. 397 more words

This is Water - Commencement Speech by David Foster Wallace

This is a video my manager shared with me during our bi-weekly 101 meeting this week. It truly made me aware that, even though sometimes, you can’t help being annoyed by the people around you, you need to remember that everyone has a story, and everyone has problems and that we all need to consciously think about this. 6 more words


Deep Thoughts by Blaze

Blaze: “The future you shall know when it has come, before then, forget it.”


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Blaze and his wise philosophy of living in the "Now". :) Good advice.

Technology sucks.

So, I think I’m returning my Jawbone UP2.

I know what you’re thinking…

You just got it didn’t you?!
You said you loved it, didn’t you?! 354 more words


Centred Leadership

This is a great video on  how remarkable women lead from Joanna Barsh. I found this clip and the whole body of work very inspiring. I believe leadership happens at all levels- this video is relevant to you wherever you are in your career. 89 more words

Productivity At Work

Public Transportation

Today when I was falling asleep on the BART (a public transportation system), I found myself thinking about my sister. I had been spacing out looking at the trees and in my mind I could perfectly envision going on a road trip with my mom and sister to see my grandma in southern California before leaving the valley. 257 more words