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Uniqlo is a True Japanese/Asian Lifestyle Brand

Uniqlo is the embodiment of the Asian lifestyle into a clothing brand. Huge stores, a myriad of colors, and classic styles are what come to mind when one thinks of the brand. 457 more words

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Why Clubs Are So Popular

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Why Clubs Are So Popular?

It seems apparent to me that clubs are becoming an increasingly go-to activity for young adults and college students. 354 more words

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Why I Hate the U.S Education System - Part 1

School is most likely one of the most talked about topics world-wide. Some people love school and many others hate it. In my opinion, the education is extremely flawed and isn’t really about education as much as it is about obtaining a degree. 554 more words

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Inception is real

Christopher Nolan’s award winning film, Inception, has everyone wondering if inception is actually possible. The act of performing inception is to go into someone’s mind via dreams to plant an alternate reality or idea into their subconscious. 487 more words

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Why Food?

There are many reasons why I choose to write about food in this blog. A big reason is that food reminds us of the freedom that the fortunate are blessed with everyday. 871 more words

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Why we Determine our Value Against Money

Money is one of the biggest factors that affect our standard of living and because of that, it seems that many people set their value based on how much money they have. 743 more words

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