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Pictures say 1000 words…

Pictures really do say 1000 words or in this case about 500…

It’s all about the semiotics behind it.

Semiotics is the science of signs and symbols; it was founded by Ferdinand de Saussure, and Charles Peirce. 427 more words


Media Ownership - Its more important than you think...

Traditionally, the media has always formed as a source of guidance for individuals, an insight into current world events. What happens however when large corporations or individuals hold a monopoly over the media landscape? 530 more words


Children and Media: Are your kids "under attack"?!

If you don’t have much contact with young children, you may be surprised to learn that they are exposed to quite a range of different media types.  568 more words

Consumer Behaviour

The New Age Lyceum

Its midday in ancient Greece and as you walk, the wind whips the sides of your toga and fills your nose with the smell of your surroundings: brothels and unwashed bodies. 454 more words


Murdoch's Media

In recent years the topic of media ownership has been of pressing concern and as a result the government has introduced laws in the past few years to try and address potential issues and is considering law reforms to further regulate the media and how much one person can own and therefore the amount of people they can influence with their values and ideologies. 570 more words


Pulling Strings

The unreal has about as much influence on them as the real.”

French social psychologist Gustave Le Bon, Included this statement in his 1985 published book “The crowd: a study of the popular mind”. 533 more words


Is it Just Me Or is it a Bit Nippley Out Here?

Stone cold silence – as I told my father and boyfriend that I was a fan of the “Free the Nipple” feminist movement. Silence…before the frenzy. 547 more words