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The Daily Grind

Is she a regular strolling in to get her morning fix, or is it that she is a wanderer, like me, passing through on exploration.


B is for blame thats good enough for me

Yes! The media does have the potential to affect society in a violent way, in the same way that when you go swimming there is a potential that you could get attacked by a shark. 226 more words


It may be the alcohol talking

Ads are made to either entice us into buying a product or warn and educate us about the dangers of a product.

But which is more effective?  326 more words


Digitally Amish

There may not be a third world war but there is a virtual war between Android and Apple. Android providing a free and open network where the audience can determine how to use the technology compared with Apple, holding tight onto its control of how Apple’s products are to function. 295 more words

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Hold on to your mouses, icarly could really happen

I have always had a fondness for childrens television shows, but icarly always annoyed me. As if three teenagers could become celebraties from vlogging; but what does it all actually mean? 219 more words

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Shipping it publicly

Before you hit me with your keyboards, give me a chance to explain. I’m over twilight as much as the next person BUT it is a really good case for the public sphere and how something can cause so much debate. 401 more words


I'm Sorry...Were you still using that?

One of the major markers, I’d argue, is in the participatory capacity of digital media: the ways in which the distinction between producers of media and consumers of media begins to collapse…Once you start contributing and sharing and connecting with the work of those who connect with yours, you’re engaging in something called 

233 more words
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