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FOMO- The Struggle is real, people!

FOMO- Fear of missing out; we’re all guilty of it, we all may deny it but why does this feeling seem to be evolving at such a rapid pace!  485 more words


Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

As the media is viewed as an intangible information and communication system, we can often forget that it is physically owned. Media is a multi-million dollar industry that, not dissimilar to most industries, is dominated by a small group of owners. 508 more words


Who Owns Your Media?

Does it matter who owns the media we use? And does this make a difference?

Most people, including myself, would probably answer no at first thought to this question. 612 more words



Does it matter who ‘owns’ the media?  Who owns the media you use? Does this make a difference?

It’s a simple but complex question this week. 777 more words


BCM110! Popular Media Text! Too Trivialised or Too Commercialised ?

Find an example of a popular media text and suggest how it might contribute (or not) to debate in the public sphere.


#BCM110: Media Mythbusting - Big Brother is watching you

‘The personal is political’.

What do Big Brother and Q and A have in common?

Both are examples of a ‘Mediated Public Sphere’, which McKee (2004) defines as: ‘a metaphor for thinking about how individuals come together to exchange idea, information and feelings about what matters to them in a liberal society’. 127 more words