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“Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right”.


Wise Sayings

The Fall of Petersburg

This is Ranger Tracy Chernault talking about the siege of Petersburg and how the city fell to Union forces. ┬áThis was the first session of the Day One of the 16th Annual… 134 more words


Results vs Shadow Troops [First Event]

Hey WW, today we had our first event vs Shadow Troops. The original time we had event scheduled for, we had a full chat and at least 10 of those users were actually in WW. 129 more words

Watex Warriors


Then there comes a point in life when you finally have the courage to move on, and you do… just to find yourself trapped. When you want to fly, but you’re stuck, and you’ve those fat restraints around your feet. 20 more words


Tasuku vs Bass

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Tasuku is back, but he’ll have to take a loss here. Tasuku is a cop who has taken down many evil threats over the years. 60 more words


Cinderella vs Bass

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This is a tribute to the Cinderella film! She may have had a happy ending, but she could have made it to that part a little easier if she had simply rebelled against the step sisters. 36 more words