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Sartorius vs Kaiba

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Sartorius is a powerful duelist, but he also does have a lot of strong monsters at his disposal. Kaiba had to work his way up with the basic cards of the original generation. 41 more words


Kaiba vs Tristan

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Tristan is experienced in close quarters combat as we’ve seen time and time again, but he’s simply no match for Kaiba at this point. 45 more words


Bakura vs Pegasus

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Bakura is a tricky duelist who will always go for the win and that’s what separates him from Pegasus. Pegasus has a pretty neat toon deck, but it’s not quite up to snuff when compared to Bakura’s powerful cards. 29 more words


Bakura vs Tristan

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Tristan has arrived on the blog to amaze everyone with his intense hand to hand combat training. Unfortunately for the hero, he is simply not ready to defeat a foe who is as powerful as Bakura. 45 more words


Walk 28: Picking my Battles in the War on Injustice

Yesterday something pretty hurtful was published about my church in the local press. It’s not the first time something hurtful has been published about my church, which has a worldwide presence and well-known leadership, and it won’t be the last. 258 more words


Edison V Franklin

Edison and Franklin too of the best swindlers to ever have lived between them having invented (or claimed to) so many different things and institutions. The all important question is who would win in a battle of magic tricks. 382 more words


Justice delivered

He started
for fame and money
not for a cause
but to get ahead
in the rat race
at any damn cost

He pursued
things felt weird…

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