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She's Lost

Not knowing what the future holds

She’s displaced

She’s doing all she can to keep her faith but

Her fears tend to creep back up… 17 more words

Tropican Chronicles #3, Crocodile, part 2

                                                  III. Blood

Comet was wrapped in his robe and drifting comfortably to sleep when he heard several horns blow outside, and the members of the current watch shift rush for the door. 11,477 more words


To Be Happy

If I continuously stand before God, I will be happy.
If I accept reproof, I will be happy.
If I find wisdom, and work to obtain understanding, I will be happy. 169 more words

Daily Posts

Star trek preservation part 7

  “I am frustrated. We are all. I was just thinkng outloud. We have to hit them with every thing we have. Last time we had the eliment of suprise. 492 more words

Star Trek

Further Frustrations...

So we get to go from bad to worse… how?  Well…

Grandma ended up in emergency this past Monday with a bladder infection.  She was downright nasty to some of the staff.  483 more words

Lover Mine By J. R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood 8 – Lover Mine By J. R. Ward

While rescuing Revenge Xhex goes missing. After looking everywhere John Mathew is getting more and more desperate. 55 more words


A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #215

June 1st, 2034

The closer I get to the air base, the tighter the security becomes. They certainly have stepped up their game since the last time I’ve been here. 48 more words