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His eyes calmly swept the area, carefully surveying the hundreds of boats arrayed before him, as controlled as the bucking waves would allow them to be. 927 more words

Paying the piper

After four and a half years in the military
being in strange places and a bit scary

Now….I´m paying the piper
with my back that looks each day drunker… 62 more words



demons I unknowingly spent a lifetime fighting,
Every battle I defeated,
the sickness I overcame,
the structure of life I built
But only to self destruct, 177 more words


Mixing up my days

Last week everyday felt like it should have been a different one, Monday felt like Tuesday, Tuesday Felt like Monday, Thursday felt like Friday, I am sure you all know how that goes. 440 more words


Falling Back

We are losing this battle. Yes, in the end, God shall be victorious over Satan; meanwhile we must stand and fight for the Cross. I wasn’t without cable on my vacation, and Inheard the sad news that our country is allowing the abomination of same sex marriage. 350 more words


Church (Chapter 6, part 4)

My hand hit my sword and I unsheathed it out. The daemon’s laughter rose and he scuttled down to a lower branch. I could see him more clearly and yes, it was the same daemon I had faced the night I had met Rain. 1,237 more words



Wouldn’t it be nice

If we could sleep forever

Just living inside our dreams

Shielded from the pain

Never having to worry

Living out your dreams… 10 more words