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End of the Innocence: The Children's Disturbing Discovery of Mommy and Daddy's Vibrating, Marital Enhancement Device


In an attempt to prevent my current employers from entering a Witness Protection Program, let it be known that this post does not represent my present placement.   2,523 more words


The New Boy Wonders - Establishing Robin in a world without Batman

I don’t envy writers who have to try to separate Robin from Batman. From his very first appearances in the 1940s, Robin’s relationship with Batman has always been characterized as one of a father and his sons. 899 more words


tbt: "Mommy smart, not. And bad, too." ‪#‎Hostileworkenvironment‬

Selected Facebook posts from my personal page that reminds me how good and funny IT is.

I could hear Thorin laughing hysterically while he was washing the dishes. 401 more words

By Notatypicalmom

Batman Week #4 - 'Batman and Robin' (1997) REVIEW

This is the fourth part of our ongoing ‘Batman Week’ series where we review several Batman films leading up to the release of Batman: Arkham Knight… 1,047 more words


SpartanNerd Review...Robin: Son of Batman...Issue #1

I was highly disappointed that “Batman and Robin” was canceled, post Convergence.  That was easily the best Bat title.  And I’ve read them all (except Batwoman.)  My disappointment was one of the reasons I decided to jump off of DC for awhile.   933 more words


New 52 Batman and Robin: An Ode

The New 52 is dead. With that, so is the DC title “Batman and Robin.” Starting in 2011, Batman and Robin was a monthly title written by Peter J. 499 more words

Maggie (2015) Movie Review "Had A lot of Promise But Couldn't Deliver"

It feels like not too long ago we got our first look at this little zombie movie called “Maggie” starring the (fading) action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.  851 more words

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