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dua Bast, The Light Bearer!
matches leap eagerly to flame in Your presence
dua Bast, Eye of Ra!
shadows flee from Your golden approach
dua Bast, The Fiery One! 19 more words



My religion supports marriage equality. Surprised?

To be more specific, my patron deity supports marriage equality. My goddess is a goddess of joy, of love, of freedom. 172 more words

Pop Culture References

A Steep and Rocky Climb

Free spirit always lights me up
in the darkness of my thoughts.
Free spirit and magical,
you’re the hope inside me.

–DJ Raaban, “Anima Libera”

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Bright Lady, I hope You are proud of this son of Yours. He’s an anxious one, and does not trust easily, but when his trust has been earned it remains steadfast – I’m learning that now especially. 157 more words



Breathe in…
I push back the fear of the unknown future to make room for the present.

Breathe in…
I push away the demands of others to better hear my own needs and desires. 64 more words


The Invincible Summer

Don’t panic. No, not yet.
I know I’m the one you want to forget.
Cue all the love to leave my heart.
It’s time for me to fall apart.

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kneel down and close your eyes, devotee
breathe in, breathe out, sink into yourself
now open your inner eyes
and find yourself in this private chamber… 234 more words