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Prosciutto-Basil Chicken in a Tomato Sauce

A super speedy dinner I pulled together for a quick dinner party. It used whatever I had in the kitchen and pantry and pulled together a tasty chicken dinner. 197 more words


Strawberry Balsamic Caprese Pasta Salad

This time last year: Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes (2013)

This time of year, it seems as if every other week I have a potluck or a picnic to go to (because who wants to do school work when it’s so nice outside?!). 340 more words

Gluten Free

Green things

More updates on my babies :’)

Clockwise from top left: lyrate radish leaf; pot of dill; sweet basil, Thai basil about to flower

Left: Apparently radishes split when they get uneven moisture; Right: more radishes


Kermit the Smoothie 

Starting the glasgowfoodielover blog only a few months ago it appears that I may have put on a few pounds and all in the name of research!! 288 more words


Pan con tomate - using up the focaccia

Not so much a recipe more a set of assembly instructions. Last week I made a foccacia. As the older one has returned back to Uni and M was out almost every evening with meetings and a concert I had some left in the bread bin. 156 more words


Polenta Please!

ACTION SHOT! Check out those beautiful hot bubbles on the sides! YUM! This dinner is super flavorful, nutritious, and just YUMMY. 144 more words

Roasted Lemon Basil Spaghetti Squash


All winter long we have been gorging ourselves with heavy meals to keep us warm during these blistering cold months. Although we will continue to be burdened by the winter through most of March it is time to transition into some lighter meals. 282 more words

Fuel For The Fire