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Leading zeros with bash brace expansion

I use bash brace expansion extensively, both in interactive terminal sessions and in shell scripts. The idea is pretty simple: the simple syntax {n..m} is a shortcut to an array containing all of the integers from… 162 more words


Quickly Turn Big Data Into Small Data Using The Command Line

You’ve got a problem: you’ve just been handed a 10GB text file for an exploratory analysis with your 8GB RAM 2010 Macbook Pro.

Time to break out those those shiny big data tools like Hadoop and Spark, right? 232 more words


CLI Tricks: Navigating Around the Prompt

It’s not uncommon to need to make changes to a command after entering it in the command prompt. For example, perhaps you need to reuse a command from the history but with a small change or perhaps you need to fix a typo. 423 more words

Updated Desktop Slideshow script for ElementaryOS

 A few days ago I released a desktop wallpaper slideshow script for ElementaryOS. A user pointed out that it wasn’t changing the login screen wallpaper. 234 more words


Pygmentize less

From (copy & modified): http://superuser.com/a/337640/135382

You can utilize the power of pygmentize with less – automatically! (No need to pipe by hand.)

Write a file ~/scripts/lessfilter.sh… 125 more words


dancing muse

well dancing muse
a flowing excuse

in my mind and heart as if
glowing bulb on the verge of fuse

she got some playing darts… 108 more words


Get the size of your BTRFS Snapshots

If you want to get the size of your BTRFS snapshots you would probably use btrfs qgroup show.  This only shows you a list of IDs and the sizes are in bytes. 270 more words