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Insurance premium reminder: Another step to my automated reminder service

I already had set up a reminder process using which I get periodic notification to back up my data. This time I applied the same thought along with email reminder for my due insurance premiums. 275 more words

Bash Script


nohup ./some-process.sh > some-process.log 2>&1&


menggunakan alias pada terminal linuxmint

effect baca lifehacker.com, jangan panjang2 klo ngetik perintah command line


q> buka terminal dengan tombol ctrl + alt + t

q> ketik perintah ini…

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Use Amazon S3 for quick-and-dirty MySQL backups

I manage a few basic web applications, and recently had to make a potentially breaking database change. I thought about just dumping out the database to a .sql file so I could restore it later, but then figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone, and solve the problem for good. 237 more words


Should You Ever Meet A Zombie (poem)

Should you ever meet a zombie,
By an unfortunate turn of events,
Don’t waste time trying to reason:
Undead appetites are immense

You need to do a 1-80… 39 more words


Getting Shellcode from ARM Binaries

For x86 and x86_64 there are already commands for extracting shellcode and printing them nicely formatted. But when it comes to ARM none of them work would because of the way objdump would dump the opcodes. 323 more words


The Chelsea-based club, based on the log cabins found in places such as Jackson Hole Wyoming in America, will be serving up USA pride with special Red Solo Cup cocktails and ice buckets of beer. 90 more words