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Based On A True Story | The Carousel Never Stops Turning

My blog is based on true stories. These stories come from my every day life experiences. I have a really adventurous life that I want to share with the world. 394 more words

End violence/abuse | Awareness post

I was gladly asked to participate in a ‘Stop the violence & abuse’ awareness challenge. This is my entry…

Her very first love was a disaster…

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DOMINO (2005)

A film by Tony Scott 

Cast: Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, Édgar Ramírez

The movie was inspired by Domino Harvey, a friend of Scott’s, who was named Bounty Hunter of the Year in 2003 and died in July 2005, of a drug overdose, only 35 years old.  302 more words

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Princess without a crown

This one is from last night, written by a saddened heart. But she’s okay now! 😄

Muchos Love, xoxo
S.b | Miss Lavendius

Sometimes one mistakes blurriness for love; being swept off of your feet by tunes and melodies of deceit.

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10 positive facts about me

I was asked to participate in the 10 positive facts about me. I thought I share it with you, too. It took me a while for 1) I don’t like to talk about myself and 2) still fighting low self esteem issues. 133 more words

Based On A True Story

Porn with Plot/Porn without Plot or Whatever

I have two separate musings which feed into each other in my head; don’t know if I can bring that to life on paper but hey…let’s give it a shot. 854 more words