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The witchcraft of Salem village by Shirley Jackson

A while back I read the witchcraft of Salem village by Shirley Jackson. I have always been fascinated by witchcraft and the old medieval histories of witch trials and burning at the stake. 258 more words


NOBLE (2014)

A film by Stephen Bradley

Cast: Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Gloria Cramer Curtis

Here is a woman who has survive poverty, a drunk father, lived on the street in Ireland, to top it all off she talk to god. 297 more words


My Life So Far (1999) (Available on Netflix)


The memoir of the lives of a family growing up on a post-World War I British estate told from the clever 10-year-old boy by the name of Fraser Pettigrew (Robert Norman). 427 more words


BOATS - Part 4

I felt really weird knowing I was going to be with Lisa’s boy friend, I told her.

“It’s no biggie,” she said. “You know I wanted to see what Ron’s like anyway.” 1,217 more words


3 quick favouries

At first I was not sure what I felt about The Babadook but as time went on and I got some time to think I must confess I love it!. 144 more words

Horror Movies


I always believed that you can maintain a friendship with someone who was once more than that. It requires hard work. But if two souls are meant to be together (not only in a romantic way) they can overcome all the bumpiness along the way. 187 more words

Poetry & Quotes


I went to group therapy yesterday. And guess what… At the end of the session I was given yet another prescription. I’m on Temazepam again. Yes again, been on it before. 362 more words

Poetry & Quotes